Dear Klairs: A Love Letter

Dear Klairs,

Hi! You might be wondering who I am, so let me introduce myself. My name is Rika, 33, and is someone who was in dire need of your help.

I had been seeing you all over the internet, and I had always thought you were beautiful and classy. Most of the people who have met you only had good words about you. So I wished to the skin care gods to allow me to meet you.

It was as if the skin care gods had heard my prayers, an Angel by the name of Syahira told me I’d be meeting you at last! And now that you are with me, I can say that you have been added to the most special place in my heart. You make me feel young again.

I’m glad I met you.




Dear Klairs Toner Mate 2-in-1 Cotton Pad


One box contains a total of 120 cotton pads. It isn’t just one type of cotton pad, though. The box comes with two variants of cotton pads and there are 60 pieces for each type. One is called the Compressed Cotton Pad and the other one is the Sponge Cotton Pad.

1) Compressed Cotton Pad (60ea)

Created through a LOHAS-verified water jet method to compress 100% pure cotton a total of five times, this cotton pad has been designed specifically to help tone the face. Because it helps following products to absorb into the skin better by cleansing the face of any remaining dirt, oil, and dead skin cells after cleansing. It is recommended that this step be taken before applying other skin care products.



Unlike most cotton pads, this compressed one from Dear Klairs is a lot thinner and is more textured. It does not soak up too much of the toner, which is a good thing because we want all the goodness of the product into our skin and not into the cotton.

I truly appreciate that it’s textured because I can see and feel that my skin is thoroughly and deeply cleansed. It does not just remove excess dirt and oil, but it also eliminates dry patches and dead skin cells.


In addition, it’s LOHAS-verified so it’s a huge PLUS.

Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) is a demographic defining a particular market segment related to sustainable living, “green” ecological initiatives, and generally composed of a relatively upscale and well-educated population segment.

How I Use It

I add a few drops of the Supple Preparation Facial Toner onto the pad. Then I gently sweep it from the center of my face going outwards. Make sure to swipe upwards. Otherwise, our skin will age more quickly.

I only use a light hand as I go, since the cotton pad is already textured. We don’t want to hurt our skin further, do we?

2) Sponge Cotton Pad (60ea)

Because this cotton pad has been created similar to a sponge through the method of air-laying cotton pulp, it collects the toner and returns the product back to the face, as compared to the conventional cotton pad that simply absorbs most of the product. Rather than using wiping motions to cleanse the face, this sponge is created to be more fit to hydrate the face through dabbing the sponge on the face and letting the skin naturally absorb the toner.


This one is a lot softer than the compressed one. It’s also thin but it’s more airy or fluffy (if that makes sense). It does have a cottony texture that’s soft and gentle. Despite that, these cotton pads do not absorb so much of the product either. Instead, the toner spreads out more easily so I only need a few drops.

Personally, I don’t find it necessary since I can also use my hands as what many people normally do with their toners. However, if you’re a clean freak and super high on hygiene, you will find these pads highly essential in your kit.


I also think that these cotton pads are perfect for spot treating dry areas on your skin. Simply apply a few drops of the toner then place the cotton pad on the problem area. Leave it on for a few minutes before removing it.

How I Use It

After applying the toner with the Compressed Cotton Pad, I put a few drops on the Sponge Cotton Pad and gently pat all over my face, the jawlines, and my neck. I focus on the dryer areas on my face and let the pad on those areas longer.

My thoughts:


Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner


I have the 30ml bottle, which is their travel-sized one. Perfect for those who don’t like bulky kits. Not only is it travel-friendly, but also budget-friendly! It only costs P260. It also comes in a bigger bottle, which is just right for those who don’t want to run out of it fast. It is priced at P1,150, but I think that is reasonable enough since the bottle holds 180ml of the product.

Supple Preparation Facial Toner is formulated with a base of various botanical extracts to balance the skin’s PH level and provide full nourishment to the skin. It also helps prepare the skin to better absorb following products and boosts their effectiveness.

Main Ingredients:

  • Sodium Hyaluronate – reduces flaking; restores suppleness
  • β-Glucan – skin soothing agent; excellent ingredient for improving the look of redness and other signs of sensitive skin
  • Centella Asiatica Extract – boosts anti-oxidant activity; strengthening skin and increasing blood circulation; speeds healing of acne and prevents scarring
  • Lipidure – high moisturizing effect

The scent reminded me of lemon grass — nothing fancy and in no way irritating. Looking at the list of ingredients on the box though, I found out that it does have Citrus Limon in it. 🍋

The product is liquidy, but it also has a juice-like consistency. It isn’t too runny, but it’s thin enough to be absorbed easily by the skin. Once absorbed, it makes the skin look and feel smooth in an instant. No kidding! I even tried it on the back of my hand and I was amazed by the result. You have to try it for yourself!

I had to temporarily stop my usual skin care routine, so that I could easily determine any changes or improvements on my skin. I used this toner in the morning and in the evening, after washing my face with my favorite, Althea Contour Cleanser.

Unlike most toners I’ve used, Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner does not sting my eyes nor does it make them droopy even when applied around them. So super yay for that!

Another thing that I really appreciate about it is that it never caused any breakouts or purging. In fact, my pimples dried up easily and eventually flattened in only a short period of time. I can tell that my skin has improved a lot. There is no tight or drying feeling, in fact my face is super moisturized and hydrated.

My thoughts:


Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop


When I posted it on Instagram, a lot of my friends asked me for a review of this product. It turned out, they had been wanting to get one for themselves, but they wanted to make sure first if it was really worth its price tag. I already knew that this was on the pricey side, but I did not know it was priced at P1,560! So I always told the boys to stay away from my skin care kit, that tiny bottle cost a fortune. Now, is it really worth its price?

The highly concentrated Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop adds radiance and luminosity to the skin to substantially improve the complexion and stimulates the skin to encourage collagen production. It also accelerates the skin’s renewal process, meaning it improves the texture and elasticity of the skin, reduces pigmentation such as age spots, and lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

By encouraging reparative cellular activity, it works to replenish, nourish, and renew the skin.

This is one of the most popular products from Dear Klairs. I’ve read the labels and even checked what the main ingredients are for and what they do, and I learned that they pretty much have the same purpose – to make skin firm and healthy, replenish moisture, keep it hydrated, among many others. It claims to make the skin look younger by diminishing the lines and increasing the elasticity.

Here is a list of the main ingredients:

  • sh-Oligoeptide-1 – also called the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) that helps skin to heal and renew itsel and minimize wrinkles.
  • sh-Polypeptide-1 – also called Basic Fibroblast Glowth Fractor; skin moisturizing, anti-aging, anti–wrinkle
  • Blueberry Extract – allegedly has more antioxidants than green tea; also packed with Vitamins A, C, and E.
  • Guaiazulene – anti-aging, soothes acne and other skin troubles

I find the product amusing because of its blue color. I expected it to be slimy and oily, but it’s really watery. I also thought it would smell sweet because of the blueberry extract, but surprisingly it does not really have any fancy scent to it. I actually don’t mind it, because usually fragrance irritates the skin more and makes the eyes droopy.


I would say that in more or less than two weeks of using this product, I have seen improvements on my skin. My skin does look firm and well-moisturized. I did not breakout, which is a huge plus. Some pimples which appeared before my period calmed a day after. A couple of days more, they got smaller and smaller until some of them already flattened.

How I Use It

First I put one drop on the left side of my face and spread the product out with my fingers. Then another drop on the right side and spread it all over the area. Finally, I put one drop on the center of my forehead and spread it along my nose all the way to my chin and jaws.

I am so glad that this gem is totally worth every cent. Now the only problem I will surely have is restocking when I run out. 😅

My thoughts:


Here are some photos of the progress. All photos are RAW, so excuse all the ugly stuff hahaha!

So what do you think? Did these Dear Klairs products pass? Comment below your thoughts! If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to share it with me.

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