K-Pop Idol Loves Althea x Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxers!

It seems that everyone has fallen in love with Althea’s Real Fresh Skin Detoxers! Even K-Pop idol Jeong Hwa of EXID adores them!

“Rose Pack for smooth skin texture”

The Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is Althea’s collaboration with Korea’s top beauty show called Get It Beauty. It is a 10-second mask-to-cleanser skin care product that makes everyone’s beauty routine easier, quicker, yet effective. It has two variants — Rose and Green Tea, the former for daytime and the latter for nighttime.


These wash-off masks are not just used on the face, but also on other parts of the body that need more care and better hydration. In the video, Jeong Hwa didn’t just use the Rose Skin Detoxer on her face, she used it on her elbow, too!



I’ve posted my review last August and if you want to know why I, too, adore them, click here.

I highly recommend it so I hope you give it a whirl! Check them out here!

Watch the video to see how much she loves it!

Visit Althea now and grab your own REAL FRESH SKIN DETOXERS and see for yourself!


Also, when you buy any of Althea’s exclusives, you can avail of their FREE SHIPPING, but for a limited time only!

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