My 2018 in Photos

2018 is the year that made me feel like living a double life. It indeed has been bittersweet, a beautiful fck up, a fcked up beauty. It was a scary, yet fun, rollercoaster ride.

As I was slowly going up, I dreaded for the top because I knew that was where my speedy fall would start. The fall seemed endless, fear was taking over me. Then it steadied, slowed down, then gradually went up again.

I thank God that in every descent, He still picked me up and let me stand again. So instead of looking back on those shitty times, I’ll go back and count my blessings. Here’s my 2018 in photos:

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Achieve pimple-free skin with NATURE SKIN SECRETS The Bubbly Carbonated AHA Oxygen Mask

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Pinoy Finds Fridays and for today, I’ll be featuring a product from one of my trusted local skin care brands — NATURE SKIN SECRETS.

As you may already know, Nature Skin Secrets is owned by Hot Babe herself, Ms. Maui Taylor. She’s been so nice and generous to me that she has, once again, shared a couple of her products, for me to try and review. So far, all the products that I’ve tried have had positive results, which is why the brand has quickly won my heart — aside from the fact that the person behind it is so humble and wonderful. ❤

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SERUM & CLEANSER in 1?! | Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser | #RIXreviews

Hey there, fellow K-beauty enthusiasts! For today’s K-beauty Wednesdays, I’ll be sharing with you one of Althea’s newest products! Althea’s been on a roll these past few weeks and I can barely breathe, gurrrrl! The thing is, there’s more to come, so hold tight as we welcome 2019!

Before I get started, how’s your holiday going so far? How did you celebrate Christmas? I had a wonderful time with my family, but I’ve been down with a cold since yesterday, so that sucks. I’m back to work now, too. Who’s with me?! 🙋‍♀️

A new Althea box arrived a couple of weeks ago and it contained two of their newest releases.

One is their first ever collaboration with a celebrity and it’s called Titi Kamal x Althea Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist. The other one is their serum cleanser, which is featured in today’s blog.

Last month, Althea made their followers guess what their upcoming product was.

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Mer-RED Christmas everyone! | Perfect RED lippies for the holidays!

Happy Christmas, y’all!

I still can’t believe it’s Christmas once again. And in the next few days we’re welcoming a brand new year! What did you have for Noche Buena?

For today’s Makeup Mondays, I’ll be sharing with you some of my red red lippies that can be perfect for holiday!

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Sometimes, all you need is a little magic!|BEAUTY CAULDRON Draught of Peace | #RIXreviews

Before you think of concocting Amortentia just because your acne’s flaring up and you want your crush to notice you, read this first. Well… Today, this post will make you think you had a few drops of Felix Felicis because I’ll be sharing with you a potion that will change your life. Nope, I’m not trying to cast an Imperius Curse on you. You can even tip a few drops of Veritaserum in my coffee and I’ll tell you the same thing. So read on, and get enlightened as if I casted Lumos Maxima. It’s not going to be like Gilderoy Lockhart, trying to deceive you. I’m sorry if I secretly used Legilimens on you, I came to find out what you saw in the Mirror of Erised. All you wanted was to clear your face from your acne, no matter how long or how many vials of potion it might take. You can relax now, I’m here for you. Don’t worry about the Nargles, I wear my Butterbeer cork necklace all the time. 😉

Muggles might think I’m crazy, like “what in Merlin’s beard is she talking about?!” But all you witches and wizards out there #CANRELATE. But okay, don’t worry, this review is going to be MUGGLE FRIENDLY. 😋

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You need to add MUGWORT in your skin care routine! | I’M FROM MUGWORT MASK + ESSENCE | #RIXreviews

According to the page WebMD, mugwort is a plant that grows in Asia, North America, and Northern Europe. The plant parts that grow above the ground and the root are used to make medicine.

People take mugwort root as a “tonic” and to boost energy.

People take the rest of the plant for stomach and intestinal conditions including colicdiarrheaconstipationcramps, weak digestion, worm infestations, and persistent vomiting. Mugwort is also used to stimulate gastric juice and bile secretion. It is also used as a liver tonic; to promote circulation; and as a sedative. Other uses include treatment of hysteria, epilepsy, and convulsions in children.

Women take mugwort for 
irregular periods and other menstrual problems.

In combination with other ingredients, mugwort root is used for mental problems (psychoneuroses), ongoing 
fatigue and depression (neurasthenia), depression, preoccupation with illness (hypochondria), general irritability, restlessness, trouble sleeping (insomnia), and anxiety.

Some people apply mugwort lotion directly to the 
skin to relieve itchiness caused by burn scars.

Apparently, mugwort does wonders to our body inside and out. And a Korean skin care brand has also put it to good use. This brand is called I’m From. I’m From is under Wishtrend, the company that carries popular brands such as Dear Klairs, By Wishtrend, CosRX, and Chica y Chico.

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This lipstick collection is calling my name!💄 | REVLON The Street Chic Collection

Last September, I won the new Street Chic Collection by Revlon at the Cosmo Beauty Block. If you’ve been following me, then you might have read my blog. Just in case you haven’t, you can click here.

There were actually 12 of them, but since I was feeling so lucky and blessed that time, I shared two with my friends Maka and Sab. We were at the stage waiting for Heart. Then last month, I gave 1 to my sister-in-law for her birthday. So that leaves me with 9 more lippies to swatch for you! 😄

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Top 10 K-Beauty Products on my Althea Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is just a few days away, and to be VERY honest with you, I don’t feel excited at all. What with all my duties and obligations, along with the whole shebang, it’s hard to find any reason to. (Well, of course, except for the fact that it was the chosen day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.) 

But hey I’m not gonna be a grinch and spoil Christmas, so I made a list of the things that I wish to have this Christmas. I have A LOT. A whole bunch of them. In different categories. 😉😜 So for the BEAUTY category, I’ll be sharing with you the Top 10 K-Beauty Products on my Althea Wishlist!

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Althea makes AHA and BHA more fun with their MILK PEEL CREAM MASK!

I started with skin care only a couple of years ago. I tried different products and looked for ones that could perfectly address my skin’s needs. I was first introduced to BHAs by my beshy Christine, when she gave me some samplers of CosRx Blackhead Power Liquid. She said that BHAs could dissolve impurities without having to extract them and damage my pores further. When I was at Substance Laser & Skin Care, one of the products that they used was lactic acid. It is one of the most popular AHAs.

AHA (glycolic acids, lactic acids, etc.) and BHA (hydroxy/salicylic acids) are exfoliants; they lift dirt and eliminate dead skin cells. AHA works on the surface of the skin. It improves the appearance, takes care of the blemishes, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps delay ageing process giving the skin a youthful look. BHA works deeper into the skin and pores. It removes excess sebum, dissolves impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads, and also removes dead skin cells.  

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