This lipstick collection is calling my name!💄 | REVLON The Street Chic Collection

Last September, I won the new Street Chic Collection by Revlon at the Cosmo Beauty Block. If you’ve been following me, then you might have read my blog. Just in case you haven’t, you can click here.

There were actually 12 of them, but since I was feeling so lucky and blessed that time, I shared two with my friends Maka and Sab. We were at the stage waiting for Heart. Then last month, I gave 1 to my sister-in-law for her birthday. So that leaves me with 9 more lippies to swatch for you! 😄

But before I share my thoughts on the lippies, let me show you first how they look on my medium skin. Also, just for reference, my lips are a little bit dark on the edges.

Créme and Pearl

There are two different finishes: Créme and Pearl. As their names suggest, Créme has a creamy demi-matte finish, while Pearl has a shimmery finish. 

I noticed that Créme is more pigmented than Pearl; and the pay-off is way better. Créme is only a one-swipe application, while Pearl has to be applied several times more to achieve the coverage and the saturation that I want.

Wearing Midnight Mystery

Though both applied with great ease, Pearl glides on a lot more smoothly, like butter. Since Créme indeed has a creamy texture, it has a li~ttle bit of tugging, but it’s so minimal that it’s barely noticeable.

If I were to choose between the two, I’d say Créme is better. I’m more into a saturated one-swipe wonder kind of thing. 😜

Shade Selection

I am really impressed with Revlon’s bold move to come up with such colors. It’s not everyday that we see brands with really dark colors like black and violet. I have Maybelline’s Super Loaded Bolds in Pitch Black and Audacious Blue, but unlike Midnight Mystery and Va Va Violet, these Maybelline ones have matte finish. What makes them quite similar is how I have to sweep the product on my lips several times to get the color that I want to achieve. 

The whole collection screams my name as all shades pretty much suit my preference. From nude to red to black, I’m really digging this collection! Though some of them may seem too bright for me like Primrose and Wild Orchid, I think I can still pull them off perhaps with dramatic or glam makeup looks.

Now, what do I think of the bold shades?

If I were to rate the colors, I’d give them 5/5 stars. I love that the Midnight Mystery isn’t a plain pitch black. It has some blue and purple reflecting pearls that give the lips a galaxy look. Gold Goddess looks great, too. I think it looks stunning as an accent or a highlight to another shade of lipstick, just like what I did with my Holiday Makeup Look. Va Va Violet is a lovely shade, too. Especially because, I LOVE PURPLE! 💜 I just hope this and the Midnight Mystery had better coverage.

Now here’s what I don’t like about them. Because of their pearl finish, they’re not as pigmented as I expected. Bold colors like these are so much better when the coverage is intense. They’re not like the usual pinks and reds that when they start fading, can be blended in to match the natural lip color. When an adventurous lippie like Midnight Mystery starts to come off, it’ll look like I just ate dinuguan and forgot to wipe my mouth clean.

Final Thoughts

If you’re daring and adventurous, you’ll love the shades, too. There may be hits and misses; it’ll only depend on your preference. If you’re more into the finish and how the lippie feels on the lips, I’m certain you’ll love it. If you’re into pigmentation, you might wanna think twice on the Pearl ones.

Good thing, though, all of them are buildable. It is possible to keep layering and the mouth will still feel moisturized. Not a single lippie dried out my lips, and I’m really happy! 

Do not expect them to be transfer-proof, kiss-proof, or any type of -proof, ‘coz they’re not, and they’re not really supposed to since they’re bullet-type lipsticks. 

As for the price point of only P350, I think purchasing one won’t hurt, most especially when they’re on sale. They can get as low as P250!

That’s it for today, I hope I’ve provided enough information on the Revlon Street Chic Collection. In case I missed anything, feel free to comment your question below!

Thanks! Much love!

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