Achieve pimple-free skin with NATURE SKIN SECRETS The Bubbly Carbonated AHA Oxygen Mask

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Pinoy Finds Fridays and for today, I’ll be featuring a product from one of my trusted local skin care brands — NATURE SKIN SECRETS.

As you may already know, Nature Skin Secrets is owned by Hot Babe herself, Ms. Maui Taylor. She’s been so nice and generous to me that she has, once again, shared a couple of her products, for me to try and review. So far, all the products that I’ve tried have had positive results, which is why the brand has quickly won my heart — aside from the fact that the person behind it is so humble and wonderful. ❤

The Bubbly AHA mask arrived with one of their best-sellers. I’ve posted my review on the Golden Glow Serum, click here if you fancy a read. If you prefer a video review, then might as well watch it below. 👇

If you want to see more products, just type “Nature Skin Secrets” in the Search box. Some of my favorites are the Black Detox Mask and Golden Glow Serum to name a few.

Anyway, if you want to know more about The Bubble Carbonated AHA Oxygen Mask, please read on.

P130 / 30 ml

Product Description: For brighter, clear, instant white and pimple-free skin.


  • AHA – plant or animal – derived acids that are used to exfoliate, brighten skin, improve blood circulation, heal acne, etc.
  • Apple Fruit Water – helps retain moisture; keeps skin from drying 
  • Leaf Water
  • Jojoba Seed Oil – contains anti-inflammatory properties; keeps skin moisturized
  • Oxygen – nourishes skin and boosts collagen production

The Packaging

The packaging is simple. The product is housed in a plastic bottle with a pump. The cover does not entirely cover the spout, but it keeps the pump from getting pressed by mistake. I have no problem dispensing the product with it.

I like that the bottle is clear, I can easily see what the product looks like. Another good point is that because it’s small and light, it’s travel-friendly.

It’s not a cleanser; it’s a bubbly AHA mask.

As the name suggests, this AHA mask bubbles up after a few seconds. But it’s not like Milk Peel from Althea, which has a creamy foam. This one from Nature Skin Secrets looks more like soap suds.

Though it can be used every other day, I recommend using it only one to two times a week. I know that some even use it every day, but I think otherwise. While AHA improves our skin, it also makes skin more sensitive to UV rays and more prone to premature ageing. So use AHA with caution and ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN!

My Experience

First I wash my face with my Althea Contour Cleanser. I pat the excess water off with a clean towel, making sure it’s not completely dry. Using my fingers, I spread the AHA mask all over my face.

The product is a light green color that has a delicious fruity scent to it. It has a thick gel-like consistency, but has a smooth texture that makes the application effortless. The product transforms into a bubbly froth just a few seconds after application, so I suggest you try to do it quickly. 😉

Once my face is completely covered with the product, I can feel a gentle tingling sensation as the bubbles keep popping. I let it sit for at least 60 seconds, before I thoroughly rinse it with water.

The effect is instant! My skin feels a lot smoother, my complexion brighter, and my pores clearer. It also helps diminish bumps and pimples, and with regular use, it lightens the appearance of pimple marks.

Final thoughts:

It’s a local product, very affordable, gentle, yet effective.

Check out Nature Skin Secrets on:
Instagram: @natureskinsecrets
Facebook: Nature Skin Secrets – Sucat
Shopee: natureskinsecretsmain


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