My 2018 in Photos

2018 is the year that made me feel like living a double life. It indeed has been bittersweet, a beautiful fck up, a fcked up beauty. It was a scary, yet fun, rollercoaster ride.

As I was slowly going up, I dreaded for the top because I knew that was where my speedy fall would start. The fall seemed endless, fear was taking over me. Then it steadied, slowed down, then gradually went up again.

I thank God that in every descent, He still picked me up and let me stand again. So instead of looking back on those shitty times, I’ll go back and count my blessings. Here’s my 2018 in photos:


I turned 33 and yes, still a Potterhead. Always. ⚑
By the way, cakes were baked by Ate Jumafel (PM her on FB!) and toppers were made by Liz of LizEat Diner!

Image may contain: food

First time a local skin care brand sent me products to try and review. It was from Nature Skin Secrets! I didn’t even know at first it was Ms. Maui Taylor’s. πŸ˜…


GlamconMNL with Guil!


Thanks to Jessica! I won her giveaway!

Had a wonderful day with these beautiful ladies. Daming tawa!

Finally met AZ in person and started a beautiful friendship with Chelsea!


Quick interview with IΓ±igo Pascual at the presscon of MYX Music Awards at ABS-CBN.

Became a part of Raiza’s Beauty Blowout!

Met Christine there, too!

2018-02-15 11.01.58 1-02.jpeg

Two local brands sent me their products for me to try and review.


Became one of the bloggers at the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 Press Launch!

All thanks to Tin for making me her plus 1.

Attended Helen on Fleek’s makeup workshop with the Adobers at ABS-CBN. I got special prizes! Yay!


with Tin at the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 Fitness Party

I tried. πŸ˜‚

Finally reached 1,000 subbies on YouTube! Boy was it a struggle! Haha! Guil made this Tile Mosaic Play Button especially for me!


Image may contain: 7 people, including Ren Orillaza Javier, Ivy Avila, Sonia Balderama Formeloza and Guiller Lagac, people smiling, wedding

My friend got married! She was like the “baby” in the group, so it was truly sentimental. It would’ve been more special if Che-Che was there, too.


This was an event with a brand I used to support. That was the day I met these beautiful women (Sab, Glo, and Kate) so why wouldn’t I include this in 2018 highlights?!


But, of course, the highlight of all highlights! I officially became one of the Althea Angels!

Jessica Godinez is one of the few YouTube vloggers that really connects with her followers (she’d rather call friends), and I love her more for that. She met us and had lunch together at Banapple at McKinley, and even gave away some stuffΒ but my favorite’s her short, but uber sweet messages she personally wrote.


These goodies were sent by Cathy Doll as a token of appreciation for participating in their contest!

This was during L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise Review Party with Project Vanity.

It was a pleasure meeting Ms. Liz of Project Vanity!



Became a part of Skin Klarity’s Soft Launch! Thanks sis Ai-zel and sis Cheryl!

That same month Chelsea tagged me along at Substance Laser & Skin Care Grand Opening!

2018-09-08 (24)

So I got to experience my first ever laser treatment!


I met Heart at Cosmo Beauty Block!


I officially became one of the Wish App Bloggers, with Sab, Chelsea, Chell, Pring and Maka!


Titus and I got to explore Art in Island!



KidZania opened their establishments to kidz and kidultz!


I met Saab again during Cheats’ Album Signing and Live Sesh at Satchmi.

First blog assignment for Wish at Cafegraphy with Chell!

Blogpalooza! Super love this photo, thanks to Kate! haha!

Here’s my first collab na together in 1 video!

And this is what we did on her channel! πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

Events are more fun with friends!


Modern Filipiniana at LionhearTV RAWR Awards 2018

Oh, hi! That’s us!

Became an affiliate for Wishtrend! They sent me an invite after seeing my Dear, Klairs video.

Great products from Simple

Then there was NU Skin…

But of course, what’s even more special is when a friend trusts you with her very own products.


These are just two of Althea’s new products! There’s more to come in 2019!

Despite all the troubles 2018 caused me, I am still beyond grateful that I got to earn TRUST. Trust from people that may (or may not) include you. Trust from brands. Trust from friends. Trust from whoever needs my reviews.

I haven’t even shown you what some of my generous friends gave me this year. I’ll update this post soon. For now, I’ll say goodbye to 2018.

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2 thoughts on “My 2018 in Photos

  1. Your birthday cakes πŸŽ‚βš‘πŸŽ‚ were SO CUTE!!!😍😍😍 I’ve already read this post last night but was not able to comment right away (because you know, MB data!πŸ˜‹) and I was surprised when I see my face here!😱😱😱 May your 2019 be happier, Rikatrina!😘😘😘 #pinkpositive πŸ’— and you know I’m also just one message away!πŸ’Œ GOD BLESS ❀️ you always, HAPPY NEW YEAR aaannd HAPPY BIRTHDAY…🍰🍰🍰

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