Do NOT purchase this Glam Pouch #sorrynotsorry

Last time I availed of a subscription box was back in 2016. It was also around Christmas season when promos were too tempting to ignore. Click here to know why I never subscribed to them again (like EVER).

A few months ago, a new shop on Instagram was launched. They offer glam pouches that contain 4-5 beauty items, which you can purchase once or every month. Their IG posts are really enticing as most of them show Sunnies Face Fluffmattes, which are undoubtedly the hottest lippies in the country.

They even formed a beauty community on Facebook where members can share or ask anything that’s beauty related. They also created their own group of ambassadors who were supposed to receive pouches from them to promote them on social media. They seemed really promising, the people behind them seemed nice, but what pulled my trigger is what I found in my pouch. I could tolerate the delay, though that alone was already disappointing.

Still have no idea what it is? Keep on reading.

Okay, so this is the glam bag in question.

Bloome PH is kinda like the local Ipsy. While Ipsy has a Glam Bag, Bloome has a Glam Pouch. But what makes Ipsy so much different is that they offer better contents – make up items from indie brands, mostly deluxe samples.

Bloome PH contains 1 lippie, samplers of Korean face products (which really don’t cost that much), and a sheet mask.

My blogger friend Chell is a huge fan of Sunnies Face, so she purchased a pouch from Bloome. Remember how Bloome used Fluffmattes to seduce possible buyers? Effective!

However, when she received the pouch, these are what she got:

I was personally not happy about it, too, and thought it was a total rip-off!

Then again, I’m the kind of person who can give second chances. I gave them a shot and placed an order in November. The link in their bio led me to a form which I had to fill out so they would know about my skin type, skin condition, and what I look for in makeup and skin care. It was to “personalize” the contents of my pouch.

So some time in November, I subscribed using my PayPal account and automatically, they deducted P589 (pouch + shipping fee + insurance fee). Anyway, they made sure that I could cancel my subscription any time.

They told me that the package would be delivered around the second week of December but they would “try their best to arrive at my door at the end of first week.” That was November 21st.

On December 17th, I asked for an update. Here was their reply:

Christmas and New Year passed, I still did not receive the pouch. So I sent them another message:

When stores or riders tell me they can’t find my address, I always feel like they’re just making excuses — and a lame one. I am NOT a noob in ordering online and different couriers have already successfully delivered parcels: LBC, DHL, Black Arrow, LEX, Ninjavan, just to name a few. Still, I let it pass and patiently waited.

January 3rd, they sent me a confirmation that my pouch had been shipped. This afternoon, January 4th, finally, my parcel arrived. I did not open it yet as I was planning to film an unboxing video. But because I was also planning to post it today for Pinoy Finds Fridays, I thought, I’d just take photos first and film later.

Boy am I disappointed.

I do NOT mind getting local products, but I HATE FAKE ones. As I mentioned, I kept my cool despite the delay, but I just can’t let this pass because they SOLD ME FAKE PRODUCTS!

Okay, let me begin with the okay ones.

Timeless Beauty Bar Glam and Glow Sheet Mask


  • Radiance Boosting
  • Evens Skin Tone
  • Energizing

No big deal. I love sheet masks anyway. It says it’s made in the USA, so I guess it can’t be bad, right?

Simple Joy Skin Spa Lip Balm

It’s a local brand that’s made in China and is said to be distributed by Watsons Personal Care Stores. The packaging is a simple white tube with a wrinkled label. It smells fine, it reminds me of the milk candy Haw Haw, but minty.

Unbranded Beauty Sponge

Poorly packaged. The sponge is quite stiff when dry, but at least it does expand when soaked with water. If you’re asking if it’s as soft as a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, the answer is still no.

Now here is a couple of deal-breakers…

[FAKE] Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick (Icon)

Now if you’re thinking how a high-end product end up being in an affordable glam pouch, well, I guess that’s the biggest question right? Not only that, the packaging is a major giveaway. I’m fortunate enough to own an original Huda Beauty, so I have something to compare it with. It may just be the mini version, but hey, it’s legit.

The bottom of the tube has dents and the label looks so different from the real one. The label on the real one is glossy, while the other one is matte. There’s also a kind of a serial number on top of the shade name on the original one, while the other has none.

Fake one on the top; original at the bottom

Now when we open the tube, the stoppers and the applicators are also very, very different. Look at these photos:

The scent is similar, but the difference is still noticeable. The original one has a rich vanilla scent, while the one from my pouch has a faint vanilla scent. Though the shades are different, you’ll notice that the payoff and pigmentation of the original one is so much better. The fake one dries up way faster than the original.

[FAKE] Luna Organics Summer Clay Blush

I do not own a Luna Organics Clay Blush, but I have seen it on several occasions — when I was at Cosmo Beauty Block, when a friend showed her own Luna clay blush, and during the opening of Allison Boutique.

No photo description available.

Look closely at the packaging. The packaging says it all.

UPDATE: I DM-ed Luna Organics to confirm if the clay blush that I got was authentic or not. And this was their response:

Final thoughts

Inasmuch as I want to support Bloome, I still find it UNACCEPTABLE to sell FAKE MAKEUP. I’d rather use affordable local products than straight up fake ones. If Bloome thinks it’s okay to give inferior products and service, that simply shows how little they think of their customers. It is saddening because they seem to be nice people, but sorry I can not support this and will never recommend this.

What do you think of Bloom Glam Pouch? Would you take a risk and try it?

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13 thoughts on “Do NOT purchase this Glam Pouch #sorrynotsorry

    1. I don’t understand why they resorted to putting fake makeup. Isipin mo sis, pati Luna which is already a local brand, they didn’t manage to get the real one pa! Why go for the fake? Kaloka.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. That is so sad! 😦 I was thinking also that it’s too good to be true kasi mahal ang Hudabeauty.
    So far, the sub boxes na gusto ko is the ones from BDJ (noon-the 680 ones) and some of the Glamourboxes, lalo na their pixi beauty box (They also include the original price of the products included, so I really know I kind of saved.) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True! If the products are too expensive lalo na if they’re branded, most of the time deluxe samples yung nakalagay. Tsaka I’m guessing merong deal or agreement ang Glamourbox and BDJ with brands. Para walang lugi.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I subscribed around nov 7 for 3-months subscription. It was automatically billed to my cc but december came and I still did not got a package. No confirmation email or whatsoever. Akala ko, delayed lang talaga. January na when I email-ed them. Sabi, glam pouches will stop daw muna until further notice and they are contacting check me out platform for the reversal of my payment sa card. February na pero wala pa din. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naku gurl, kulitin mo sila! Message mo sila sa IG and FB. Grabe. Dapat kasi di na sila nagpo-post sa IG, iisipin kasi ng tao they’re still operating. Tsaka ung registration nila. Hay grabe.


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