Top 10 Local Makeup Products that Stood Out in 2018

If my observation’s correct, 2018 marks the time when local brands stepped up their makeup game in terms of formula, packaging, and variety. A bunch of new brands came out and most of them were by celebrities; while the already existing brands finally started keeping up with the current trend.

However, not every product released created a spark. Some were hot, others flopped. So for today’s post, I’m sharing with you my Top 10 local makeup products that stood out in 2018. I based my list on my personal experience and the people’s reception.

So here it goes…

10. Detail Make Over Autumn, Ecru, & Metallics Eyeshadow Palettes

If you’re looking for a local eyeshadow palette that will enable you to create various makeup looks without breaking the bank, that will be Detail Make Over. I am so proud of this brand because of its originality when it comes to concept. While other brands resort to repackaging or rebranding generic eyeshadows, Detail Make Over stands out with their unique ideas.

For such palettes that do not cost that much (unlike the other obviously repackaged ones that are ridiculously pricey), their performance isn’t bad at all! They’re not the best formula, yes, but the pigmentation is all right. They blend quite easily without getting patchy.

What makes them really unique is their color story. The shade selection is superb and I applaud Detail Make Over for that!

9. BLK Travels All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick

I think this collection is brilliant! Not only do they look cute and unique, but they have been created for a good cause. The BLK Travels collection is a collaboration with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and portion of the sales are donated for the protection and conservation of wildlife.

Each shade is named after a country that is close to Anne’s heart: Australia, where she was born; Philippines, where she grew up and became well-known; New Zealand, where she and Erwan got married; and South Africa, where they spent their honeymoon. They also named two shades after countries where many OFWs are: Dubai and Hong Kong.

They added four more shades back in November. You can read about them here.

8. Vice Ganda Aura Glow

At first look, you’ll find that it resembles Jeffree Star’s Supreme Frost. It is housed in a round plastic compact case with a see-through cap. Of course, the quality, the color, and the finish differ from each other, as well as the overall look of the product. Though both feature a star, you’ll see that they are not identical.

I really like how this affordable higlighter works. It gives you a beautiful natural glow that is buildable to a blinding gleam. It gives that semi-wet shine, without getting chunky or streaky. It can be a li~ttle bit powdery, but it really isn’t bad at all. It’s a really good buy for something that just costs less than a hundred fifty pesos.

7. Skin Potions Dream Cream

It’s controversial, if you know the tea 🍵, but gurrrrrl, these products are bomb! I was supposed to get a couple of shades, but it turned out that my GCash transaction failed and did not accomplish my payment. 😫

Though I don’t own one yet, I am not entirely in the dark about its talked about formula. When I was with my friend Kate, who’s a makeup artist and a vlogger, she let me try them on. The consistency isn’t super thick, but it’s not runny either. It’s moussey and a bit fluffy that glides on with such ease that it feels like cloud on the lips.

It also applies on the skin beautifully and according to the people who have used it on a regular basis, it lasts for hours, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be free from touch-ups. The pigmentation and the color payoff are amazing, though. The packaging is also bomb as it stands out among the usual round tube. I’ll definitely re-place my order, and this time I’ll make sure it gets through.

6. Vice Cosmetics Velvet Liquid Lipstick

I 👏 love 👏 this 👏 lippie! It has a creamy, velvety texture that glides deliciously on the lips! The pigmentation is so bomb that it covers the dark areas of my lips evenly. Even though it has a soft velvety texture that does not dry down to matte, it stays on the lips for hours and the color does not even move even if my lips are pressed together.

It comes in a kit with its new and improved lip liner that is now housed in a retractable pen. The lip liner applies easily and does not break. Though I like the new pencil, I find it unnecessary as the liquid lipstick can actually stand alone.

The product can be applied thinly for a more natural finish, or heavily for a full-on glam look! Watch my video to see how it works.

5. Kris Aquino x Ever Bilena Matte Matic Lipstick

Aside from its crayon form, this product has easily become a favorite because of how moisturizing it is on the lips. Despite having dry and chapped areas, my lips still look as though they were healthy and smooth.

Often, when I fail to exfoliate, lippies end up looking really patchy as they settle on those dry areas. That doesn’t happen with the Matte Matic Lipsticks. It feels like balm, but the pigmentation is insanely good. It’s affordable and it’s paraben-free; it’s worth a place in your vanity.

4. Ellana Loose Mineral Foundation

This is undoubtedly THE BEST loose foundation EVER. I always wonder how they do it. This powder is simply on top of the game! For a powder foundation, the coverage will blow your mind. It stays on for hours, even in a hot and humid day.

Also, Ellana’s packaging is eco-friendly. They use refillable containers and they pack their powders in paper packets. The price might be steep for some, but I’m telling you, I’ve tried another local powder foundation that’s almost double the price of Ellana Loose Mineral Foundation, and the quality isn’t even close. This is definitely worth your money.

3. Sunnies Face Fluffmatte

Oh. My. Makeup gods. Sunnies Face Fluffmatte is the most delightful bullet lipstick I’ve seen. The product itself reminds me of a spongecake! It makes me want to dig my teeth into it. I really love their presentation. The box alone feels luxe as it is not the type that is easily crumpled. The main component of the tube also feels fancy. It’s not flimsy, it doesn’t squeak when you twist it.

I’m in love with how it easily glides when applied. The color transfers beautifully and evenly on the lips — with no tugging! It’s really worth the hype, worth the long queues, and worth your P345.

You can watch my review on Fluffmatte with the BLK Travels collections 👆. Kate and I also tested it in a Lipstick and Mukbang sesh.

2. Project Vanity x Ellana Minerals Life-Proof Brow Gel

Ellana is known to create products that truly deliver, and one of the products that has brought home the bacon is their brow gel. It is a collaboration with one of the most successful bloggers in the Philippines – Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity.

It comes in three shades that are all suitable for every Pinay. There’s Light Brown, Red Brown, and Dark Brown. No fancy names! Their names are what the shades really are. I have Dark Brown, because it matches the color of my hair. It also comes with an angled brush with a spoolie.

It’s highly pigmented, long-lasting, smudge-proof, and waterproof. Perfect for everyone who believes that “Kilay is life”. lol

1. Careline Graph Ink Liner 🎉

And the star of 2018… Careline Graph Ink Liner! Never underestimate this super affordable eyeliner. The tip is so neat and fine that it creates precise lines. It dispenses the product properly so it doesn’t get patchy when you apply it. It’s so easy to use I always reach out for it when I do my makeup. It may not be the blackest black, but its buildable formula will make you achieve the color that you want.

The best part? It does not smudge or rundown your face when you sweat. It stays on for hours, well of course, unless you rub it hard. It’s only a little over a hundred pesos, so what can you ask for? I’ll definitely hoard if I could.

Special mention!

They may not have made it to my Top 10, but Careline Kiss Sticks and Matte Liquid Lipsticks have a special place in my heart. It’s because of their bold move to create bold colors! I wish they’d come out with a liquid formula of Martian, or add a blue shade on either of the collections. I’m a sucker for bold and unique shades. Kudos to Careline for killing it! I meant that as a compliment! 😄

What about you? What’s on your Top 10? Which items do we have in common? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!

*Not sponsored! All products mentioned (except for Skin Potions Dream Cream) were bought with my own pechu!

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