If eyeliners could kill! | CHICA y CHICO One Kill Eyeliner

If you want your eyeliner to slay all day, then today’s your day. I’ll be sharing with you one of the best eyeliners I’ve tried; and when I say best, it means it’s sharp, precise, pigmented, and long-lasting. It’s called One Kill Eyeliner from the brand Chica y Chico.

The first products that I’ve tried from them are the One Shot Eye Palettes, which have easily become my best-loved eyeshadow palettes. So when I learned that they’ve released an eyeliner, I knew that it would be an instant fave.

Aside from lipsticks, my next favorite makeup item is the eyeliner. Eyeliners give eyes more character as we can make them seem bigger, smaller, sharper, or even innocent looking. They come in various types – pencil, gel, liquid, and pen; but my personal pick is the pen-type eyeliner.

Some pen eyeliners have felt tip, others have brush. I can use either of them, what matters to me is that they deliver.

One Kill Eyeliner has what I look for in an eyeliner.

First, I want an eyeliner that stays on for hours even on a hot and humid day. The problem with other eyeliners is that I get panda eyes when I start sweating or oiling up, or when my eyes become watery.

One Kill Eyeliner is smudge-proof and waterproof, so I don’t worry about getting dark undereyes later in the day.

Second, I want an eyeliner that dispenses the product evenly. Sometimes, eyeliners get streaky and I don’t like going back and forth just to get the right color that I want. It gets patchy and layering makes the line crusty and messy.

Because of its Ink Tank Application, One Kill Eyeliner creates vivid lines without cracking. It evenly distributes the product and the application isn’t a struggle. Also, this product has carbon black so the color is clear and crisp.

Third, I want an eyeliner that doesn’t get stuck on the eyes. I know that longevity is important, but it doesn’t mean it has to sit there forever. Our eyelids have very delicate skin so if we rub it repeatedly, it will eventually hurt and become irritated.

With a good makeup remover or micellar water, One Kill Eyeliner can easily be erased. You may need a soft cotton pad to help you completely remove the eyeliner. Because it is waterproof, I suggest that you use a product that has a bit of oil in it for a quicker and easier removal.

Let me tell you a little more about One Kill Eyeliner

The product comes in an all black glossy packaging, with the text printed in white. You can find all the important information on the box, written in both Korean and English.

The actual pen is a few centimeters shorter than most eyeliners, but it does have 0.5g of product which doesn’t make much difference from other eyeliners in the market.

The bouncy cap reminds me of BLK Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Liner, which I assume acts as a protection for the brush tip.

The brush tip has such a precise pointed end that enables the user to create the perfect fine line. So if you want to draw a sharp wing or cateye, this eyeliner can make it easy for you.

If there’s just one little issue, that will be…

…the hassle of shaking the product before using it. If we’re in a hurry, all we want is to grab an eyeliner and start drawing, right? With One Kill Eyeliner, it is a MUST that you shake it first so that you can achieve the right saturation. It will come out bland and watery if you don’t shake it, and who wants that?

But if that’s not an issue for you, perhaps it’s because you find the sound of the tiny bullet inside the tank quite satisfying. 😌 Kidding aside! Just remember to give it a few shake-shake, and you’ll achieve a beautiful vivid black color.

This is how it it looked like on my eyes. Excuse my sparse brows haha! As you can see, I was able to create a thin line and then built it up to a thicker line.

Final thoughts

I am so impressed with its staying power and that I love the precision of the brush. It’s quite reminiscent of my BH Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner, which has almost the same price point and performance.

If you want to experience it, too, you can get it for only P500 on my Charis Shop, instead of P580. That’s still 14% of savings!

But if you’re on a low buy and you really need an eyeliner, I can recommend a good and affordable one to you. Check my previous post.

Thanks for reading!

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