1 out of 34 things I wish I could do while I’m 34 ☑ | HUENICORN (Siren Hair PH)

The day before my birthday, I wrote down thirty-four things I hoped I could do before turning thirty-five. I used to write resolutions or bucket lists, but I had decided to quit as I constantly failed to accomplish them all. But realizing that I do not have plenty of time left, I knew I had to finally set goals for myself. Goals that I can and I will achieve.

What I’ve written are very simple things that I wish to experience [again] and learn. Nothing too far-fetched or impossible.

January 26th marks the day I slashed one of the 34 things. I finally dyed my hair green and purple! It isn’t really out of ordinary, though, since I still have to keep my roots dark because of my work.

I learned that my friend Mariel runs Siren Hair PH, which offers Huenicorn products online. I found them intriguing because of the many positive feedbacks, as well as their super cute packaging!

I decided to give it a go and picked two shades – Mermaid Green and Lavender. I was supposed to get Purple, but it was out of stock. .

The package consisted of bleach, oxidizing solution, keratin repair mask, color developer, virgin coconut oil, and Vitamin E capsules. So I knew I didn’t need to worry about damaging my hair, because it was complete with hair care products. Not to mention the instructions!

How I used them

Since I’m not super used to bleaching and dyeing, I made sure we followed the instructions carefully. It was nice to have someone assist me.

The night before I started the process, I soaked my hair with half the vial of the virgin coconut oil and left it on for 12 hours. I tied my hair in a bun then covered it with a shower cap to avoid messing up our pillows. Instructions said to leave it on at least 14 hours, but I didn’t have enough time so I was 2 hours short. I think 12 hours was enough, though.

First we mixed the bleaching powder and the oxidizing solution in a plastic tub (never use a metal one!) At first it smelled like the usual chemically scented hair treatment products, but it eventually faded and later smelled like shampoo. The mixture was creamy and fluffy. It turns a bit powdery if exposed too long. So make sure to apply it on the hair as soon as the mixture is ready.

Since we focused on the lower half of my hair, I can’t tell you if the bleaching solution stings. Guil applied a bit on random areas near my scalp, though, so I felt a gentle itch. I let my hair cook for 40 minutes before rinsing it off.

Mermaid Green already applied; lower half of the hair bleached

Because I have naturally dark hair, the color turned orange-y. If I wanted to make it lighter, I should try bleaching again after a couple of days or use a product that can tone it down.

After drying my hair with an old shirt (I didn’t use my towel, because duh?!), we went on to the procedure. He mixed the dye with the color developer thoroughly. I rinsed it off after 45 minutes.

Because some product touched my scalp, I could feel it sting and itch, but it wasn’t really bothersome. It was definitely tolerable, just like what Mariel said. There weren’t any irritations at all.

The result

As mentioned in the instructions, the color would not appear vivid right away on wet hair. It said it will eventually become more obvious once it dries.

I really love how my hair is still dark indoors, but the green becomes more apparent when the light strikes it. I’ll definitely use Huenicorn again next time!

Oh and yay for Mariel! Transactions are always super smooth and fast! And all products were secured with lots of bubble wrap so even if they are housed in glass containers, none of them came broken.

Final thoughts

I’m really satisfied with the products. Though the only trouble any one will have is getting the products out of the bottle, so you’ll need a stick to prod the powder out. Also, the powder doesn’t seem to completely dissolve. So rinsing can be a bit messy.

As for me, I don’t really mind any of those because all the goods outrank the bads. The products are gentle, the colors are vivid, and they smell good! They’re also really affordable so I’m definitely getting another one next time.

Check out Siren Hair PH:
Facebook: Siren Hair PH
Instagram: @sirenhairph

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