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If you’ve been consumed by the K-beauty world for years, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Althea Korea. It is an online haven for Korean makeup and skin care, catering different brands until they came up with their own Exclusives line. Starting from their Petal Velvet Powder to their Milk Peel Cream Mask, they have finally entered the world of makeup!

Being a makeup enthusiast, I can never be too thrilled to try their new babies! But before we dive to the tutorial, let me show you first what the products look like.

Flawless Creamy Concealer

P200 / 6g

Product Description: Spots, panda eyes and other blemishes raining on your parade? Smooth over and cover them up with Althea’s Flawless Creamy Concealer, a pigmented, blendable concealer that’ll whisk them all away! This buildable formula is made with Aquaxyl to moisturize and improve the overall health of the skin, while its long-wearing properties ensure it stays on your face all day. You’ll be looking and feeling great in no time!

Available in 4 shades: #01 Vanilla (Pink beige #21), #02 Ginger (Warm ivory #21), #03 Honey (Warm peach #23-#25), #04 Mocha (Deeper yellow #30)

Watercolor Cream Tint

P260 / 4.5ml

Product Description: Get deliciously juicy lips with Althea’s Watercolor Cream Tints! These pretty tubes give you the best of all worlds with the pigmentation of a lipstick, the long-wearing power of a stain and the moisturizing formula of a gloss. Bold, pigmented and equipped with a pretty sheen, these lippies contain hyaluronic acid and squalene to prevent chapped lips from flaking, perfect for stashing in your purse for easy touch-ups and comfortable wear. Pick from 4 different shades to suit your mood!

Also available in 4 shades: #01 Plum Cream (a rich, luxurious plum shade, perfect for a night out); #02 Strawberry Cream (a juicy red reminiscent of freshly bitten strawberries); #03 Peach Cream (a brightening, fresh coral with pink undertones to suit both warm and cool skin tone); and #04 Marron Cream (an MLBB shade made from browns and pinks for a chic, everyday look).

BCL x Althea Sunrise & Moonrise Eyeshadow Palette


Product Description: Add some celestial magic into your beauty routine with Althea’s very first eye shadow palette: Sunrise & Moonrise! Made in collaboration with Bunga Citra Lestari, these 8 shades will take you from gorgeous daytime to sultry night time, giving you the effortlessly glamorous feminine style Bunga is known for. In shimmers, mattes and glitters, these pigmented shadows glide easily onto the skin and blend out like a dream, allowing you to create an array of looks suitable for any occasion. 

Bunga Citra Lestari is an Indonesian singer and actress that have graced the screens of many across South East Asia. Affectionately known to her fans as BCL, she’s also a beauty and fashion icon that exudes style, beauty and femininity. 

The palette comes in 8 beautiful shades:
#01 A shimmery nude with pink undertones, perfect an all over base shade or to highlight.
#02 A matte light brown to create definition. Add this to the crease or even under the eye for added depth.
#03 A luxurious metallic rose gold with pink undertones, perfect for adding a romantic bling to the look
#04 A must-have metallic gold to add shimmer to the look for added radiance.
#05 A rich brown with golden shimmer. It adds a little depth to the look and can be worn with the lighter shades to tone them down.
#06 A deep wine shade that delivers a sultry look with a feminine touch.
#07 A pearly pink shadow with purple undertones for a fine wisp of shimmer, great for illuminating and adding brightness.
#08 A cool purple with a subtle shimmer. Use this to add some gorgeous definition to finish your look.

Spotlight Eye Glitter

P300 / 4.5ml

Product Description: Have all eyes on you with Althea’s Spotlight Eye Glitter! This sparkly number doubles up as both an eyeshadow and a liner to light up the eyes for some perky, glamorous peepers. Whether you like a subtle glow or a full-on glitter look, these have a hydrating formula that glides on like butter over the lids, allowing for an easy blend. Don’t wait too long though, as they do set down, making them virtually budge-proof after. Pick from two pretty shades to suit your look! 

Comes in 2 shades: #01 Gold Light and #02 Pink Light

Are you ready for your Soft Glam Valentine’s Makeup Look?

I started by prepping my face with Althea Bare Essentials. First, I washed my face with my Contour Cleanser. Next, I toned and primed my skin with Primer Water. Then, I moisturized with Fixer Cream. Finally, I applied Petal Velvet Sunaway as my base.

By the way, I already did my brows, so feel free to use any brow product that you want. Take note that the entire makeup was applied with only my fingers to see if the products would work well even without tools. Most beginners do not have many tools, so I thought it would be great to create this look without them.

I started with Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer in the shade Ginger, and applied it on areas that I want to highlight: undereye, nose, forehead, chin, and a little bit below the hollows of my cheeks. I blended the product with my ring finger using small strokes and light dabbing motions.

Then I dabbed the shade Mocha on areas where I usually contour – hollows of my cheeks, sides of my nose, temples, and jawline. But because it’s not as dark as our usual contour shades, it will only work as a “shading” color. It’s similar to contouring, only this one’s really subtle. I dabbed the product with my ring finger to thoroughly blend it with my skin.

After that, I used the shade Honey on the rest of my face and again used my fingers to completely blend it.

Now that the base was almost complete, I took my Watercolor Cream Tint in Strawberry Cream and put three small dots on my left cheek. However, I realized I still put more than I needed, so I transferred some on my right cheek. The amount I put on was enough to cover both cheeks! Using my fingers, I dabbed the product and blended out the edges for a seamless finish.

Finally, I set my entire makeup with my Althea Petal Velvet Powder in my favorite shade – #0 Translucent.

Now let’s move on to the eye makeup.

The eyeshadow palette, which is a collaboration of Althea with Bunga Citra Lestari, consists of 8 stunning shades. It has a combination of matte, shimmery, metallic, and glittery eye shadows.

First I used shade #02, which is a matte light brown shade, all over my eyelid, focusing on the crease.

Then I used shade #05, a rich shimmery brown shade, to add more definition. I concentrated on the crease and outer V.

After that, I put shade #06, a deep wine color, on my lids. I make sure I blend the edges for a seamless look.

Then I picked up shade #08, a shimmery purple color, and applied it on top of wine red, but again, focusing on the outer V.

Next, I took shade #04, a metallic gold, and applied it on the inner portion of my eyelid.

Going back to shades #05 and #06, I used my pinky and ring fingers to add color on my lower lash line.

Then shade #01 on my brow bone to make it pop. You may also use this shade as highlighter on your cheekbones, tip of the nose, nose bridge, cupid’s bow, and chin.

Then I took my Spotlight Eye Glitter in the shade #02 Pink Light, and created a line along the inner half of the crease. I also added #01 Gold Light near my tear ducts and lower lash line. (Not in video.)

I finished my entire eye makeup with a liquid eyeliner, a mascara, and a pair of pretty falsies.

My favorite part – ze lipz!

Since I was only aiming for a soft glam look, I wanted to achieve the typical Korean gradient lip effect. I picked my top fave Watercolor Cream Tint in the shade #01 Plum Cream. It’s the darkest, but I think it’s the prettiest!

I dabbed some product on the center of my lower lip, then spread it by pressing my lips together. Then I used my finger again to smudge the product all over my lips. I made sure that it was darker in the center and subtle on the outer areas.

And this is my Easy Beginner-friendly Soft Glam Valentine’s Look!

I also used Althea Makeup to create my CNY inspired makeup!


Mocha, Honey, Ginger, Vanilla
Marron Cream, Peach Cream, Strawberry Cream, Plum Cream
Stains were left on the skin even after removing them with Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser and soap.
Pink Light and Gold Light
Shades 08 to 01

Final thoughts

I am soooo in lvoe with all these products! The concealers work amazing! They blend beautifully on the skin and give a really smooth finish. The eyeshadows are suuuper smooth and pigmented! Though I’d have wanted it to have a matte white or cream shade, I still think it’s not a huge problem since I can get the same color on other palettes. The glitter eyeliners are bomb! They can be used as they are or as added accent on the eye makeup. My most favorite of all are the tints! The gel-ish or syrup-ish consistency makes the tint easy to work on. They apply smoothly and lovely that they give life to my dull and dark lips. All the products applied really well despite not having proper tools. What more when we use brushes or sponges?

Some products are affordable, others a bit pricey, but I believe you’ll get your money’s worth because the quality is superb!

Which of these products are you eyeing at? Watch my video below to know more about them, and join my giveaway! You may win a COMPLETE SET of Watercolor Cream Tints OR 2 Spotlight Eye Glitters! The mechanics are in the video:

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