This local skin care is just as good as a K-beauty product!

And so I’ve often heard, that once we’ve experienced K-beauty, we will never turn our backs. I, myself, am guilty of being a K-beauty addict as most of the products that I smother my face with are Korean. Although there are a few local brands that I love and am loyal with, my heart beats for K-beauty.

Now what makes K-beauty special? Why are we so in love with them? Does it have anything to do with our K-pop or drama idols? Although that may be the case, I can say that the main reason we get so into them is that they are gentle, mostly made with natural ingredients, and they deliver!

As a late bloomer in all this beauty shebang, I had lost all hope in improving my skin. I’ve tried rejuv sets, facial treatments, and a lot of commercialized products. I kept jumping from one product to another because none of them did any good on my skin. Even some acne gels that promised to get rid of acne the next day only made it worse! Thank goodness I met K-beauty.

But what if a local brand performs just as good as our beloved K-beauty?

I am so excited to tell you about the brand called In Her Element and the two products that they have sent over for me to try and review. As you know, I always give my honest opinion whether the product is bought with my own money or is sent by a brand. So rest assured, all the information you’ll read here is entirely based on my experience.

But first, what is In Her Element?

According to their website, “In Her Element is a proudly Filipino-made brand that seeks to push the envelope when it comes to creating new skincare formulations. We believe that busy women need effective skincare that does what it says. Our promise is simple: get maximum glow for minimum effort with In Her Element.

Our skincare is all about creating balance in the skin’s fragile system. We believe that good skin stems from treating it with respect and using gentle products with powerful active ingredients.

In Her Element was founded by one of the most successful bloggers in the Philippines, Ms. Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity. On the same website, it is said that “she realized that women need more skincare options that feature safe yet highly effective ingredients that don’t cost a ton of money. She wanted to know what women really need out of their skincare and to deliver exactly that. Thus, In Her Element was born on December 2016.”

Now, let’s talk about the products.

They came in a beautiful pastel pink bag, which actually looked really classy with the name of the brand printed in white. Simple, yet sophisticated.

Grabbed from my Instagram Highlights under RIXmail.

Inside the package were two items – a cleanser and a moisturizer, both of which were infused with roses and other skin-loving plant-based ingredients. From what I’ve observed in all of their products, it can be noticed that the main ingredient of most of their products (if not all) are flowers.

Keep reading as I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on each of the products.

In Her Element Low PH Rose Gel Cleanser

P675 / 110ml

More than just your average facial wash, the Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser (50ml/110ml) is a mild purifying cleanser that contains active botanical ingredients to help you achieve clearer, brighter skin. It also features a low pH level (a friendly 5.5-6), which maintains your skin’s moisture barrier – keeping acne-causing bacteria away as well as overly dry or oily skin. Balance is key in skincare and this is the ultimate facial wash to help you achieve it.

This facial wash is SLS and SLES-free. It is also fragrance free. It has a lovely mild rose scent from organic rose distillate.

The product comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a twist-lock pump. I’ll have to give them huge points for the pump, because it’ll make travelling a lot more convenient. Pumps that don’t come with stoppers or locks such as this, are too messy because they are prone to getting pressed accidentally.

The label is also nice as it is waterproof. The prints do not smudge off and the label itself stays intact. I also appreciate that they’ve included the ingredients on the label, we’ll know what we’re going to use on our face.

As the name suggests, the Rose Gel Cleanser is a gel cleanser that smells of roses. The scent is really subtle, though, so even if you have sensitive nose you will find it gentle enough.

Since it’s a gel cleanser, it is quite viscous but a bit runny. The texture is really smooth. It lathers on the face easily, though it does not foam up as much as your ordinary cleansers.

I gently massage my face with the cleanser for about a minute then rinse it with water. It doesn’t feel squeaky after, in fact it feels quite like having used a Dove soap. Amazingly, my face looks super clean and bright after washing! No kidding! I also love how it feels every wash. It doesn’t feel dry, it feels really smooth and I can’t remember how many times I had to touch my face the first time I used it.

The only downside is the price, because – let’s face it – budget mommas may find it a little steep. One of my favorite Korean cleansers only costs half its price. But why do I still find it worth spending on? It’s because it’s low pH, it leaves the skin soft and smooth and keeps the skin from drying out. Simply put, it does its job perfectly well.

In Her Element Rose Gel Serum Moisturizer

P895 / 30 ml

Ever wished your moisturizer did more? The Rose Gel Serum Moisturizer (30ml) is a serum and moisturizer hybrid that contains targeted active ingredients to smooth out pores and lines, brighten the complexion, and fade dark spots. The ultra light gel texture is absorbed instantly and never feels sticky. This is the ultimate moisturizer for achieving bright, glowy, and bouncy skin!

The Rose Gel Serum Moisturizer is fragrance free. It has a lovely mild rose scent from organic rose distillate

I’m so into the packaging! I love the glass jar and its metallic lid. I think the pink label goes perfectly well with it. It looks luxe and classy. You’ll see that it has a separate lid under the cap that acts as protection for the product.

Upon seeing the product, it instantly reminded me of Althea Fixer Cream. But after picking up some of the cream, I realized that In Her Element Rose Gel Serum Moisturizer is a tad thicker. Though the color and the texture look similar, the consistency sets them apart.

Though they claim that they do not use fragrance in their products, both cleanser and moisturizer have a subtle floral note – rose being the dominant scent. I’m guessing that it’s due to the aloe, damask rose, and daisy extracts in the ingredients. However, I noticed that the scent changes after some time and smells pretty much like Rimmel Stay Matte Primer.

Despite having a thick consistency, this moisturizer still applied with such ease that it’s like butter being spread on a warm pancake 🥞 (yum!). It feels really smooth and I noticed that it gradually melts into the skin as I apply it.

In the pictures above, you’ll see how the skin on the back of my hand became brighter and smoother after applying the moisturizer. No filter!

I love putting this underneath my makeup because it also acts as a primer, it makes my pores appear smaller! I even go out with this, plus my Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway and Petal Velvet Powder, and still look fine.

Just like the cleanser, the only downside that I can see is the price. But if you’re willing to spend more than a thousand peso on a K-beauty product, why not with something that costs less? I’d still say this moisturizer is worth every penny and I’m happy I have it in my kit.

Final thoughts

I. Love. Them. Both!

I have never experienced breakouts while I’m using both products. Even if I used them along with my other favorite skin care products, they still worked great! I love that they’re gentle, yet effective. I’d say it’s a local high end skin care brand that’s worth every cent.

[This post was supposed to be published yesterday for my Skin Care Wednesday, but because I got knocked out due to my work last night, I’m posting it today. I’ll defo keep up with my schedule again next time!]

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