Their matcha is so good they changed me! | Cafe Tribu Rosario Complex

I’m sure you’ve heard of Cafe Tribu and you might have visited a branch somewhere. Another Cafe Tribu opened last year in August and it’s located in Rosario Complex in Binan, Laguna. Perhaps you might be thinking, “It’s just another Cafe Tribu, what difference does it make?” Now, hold your horses, because believe me it’s not just another Cafe Tribu.

Last February 9th, Guil and I attended their Coffee Speed Date, which was a pre-Valentine event headed by the owners Ms. Camille and her mom Ms. Jenny, together with a blogger friend Hanny Simon of The Baker Wanderers. The attendees were mostly v/bloggers and it was really fun getting to know them and spending such a fun afternoon with them.

The cafe was located on the second floor of Unit 13A-2 building at Rosario Complex. It wasn’t very difficult to find, but if you’re not familiar with the place you might want to slow down and keep your eyes peeled for the sign,

Upon entering the place, I found that the place was rather small, but I instantly felt its welcoming atmosphere. There are books and board games on a shelf near the door. There are tables and chairs that can seat a small group of friends, and low tables if you prefer sitting on the floor. No worries because there is a native mat (banig) and some throw pillows that will make you feel comfortable while playing games or reading a book.

Before the event started, we were asked to pick a piece of paper. On that paper was the kind of drink that each of us was going to have. However, we could only reveal what drink it was once our names and drinks had been called out. It turned out, each drink was written twice and the ones who picked the same drinks would pair up and play the game.

Guil picked Iced Caramel Macchiato and was later paired up with Heinz (the same Heinz I saw at KidZania, small world!). I got Matcha Freeze Blend (which I didn’t like before) and was paired up with Ron.

I was really hesitant to drink my Matcha Freeze Blend and initially thought of switching with Guil. But then, I thought, if I had learnt to appreciate milk tea, perhaps I might like matcha this time. And so I kept my Matcha and finally took a sip.

Surprisingly, I loved it! It had a rich, yet smooth and creamy texture. It wasn’t too sweet, which I personally liked since I’m already trying to lessen my sugar intake. I don’t know if it was because the green tea flavor wasn’t too strong, or if my tastebuds had simply adjusted to the taste of tea. Either way, I was so happy with my drink that I finished it to the last drop!

Guil’s Iced Caramel Macchiato and my Matcha Freeze Blend

I took a sip of Guil’s Iced Caramel Macchiato and it was actually good, too. I could taste both the coffee and caramel flavors in it without overpowering each other. It was a tad sweeter than my matcha, but it wasn’t icky either.

After the fun games and lots of laughter we were then served with Cafe Tribu’s palatable dishes. They were special concoctions of the owners themselves. The first dish brought to our table was their Nachos.

I was honestly pleased to see that it wasn’t the typical one that’s drizzled in cheese dressing and topped with chopped tomatoes and onions. And the nachos (thankfully!) were not like the ones commonly bought in bags that tasted like ordinary corn chips.

Instead, the dip was a creamy beefy sauce with a subtle taste of pimiento. The flavors were beautifully combined that the dip matched perfectly with the crispy nachos. Every nacho monster would definitely love to try Cafe Tribu’s own take on it.

Also served to us were onion rings coated with crispy breading and mayo dip. I loved how each onion ring was made thicker than the usual ones without losing the sweet and sharp flavor of the onion.

I found it satisfying to finish it bit by bit and savor the goodness. I believe every onion ring fanatic and even those who shy away from onions will still enjoy this snack.

Next came their Fish and Chips (also called fish and fries). Though it may have been “just like any other” fries, what I liked about it is that there was crispiness in it, but there was also tenderness inside. It was seasoned with flavors just right, complete with mayo dip.

As for the fish, I was really pleased to know that this would go on their menu as it was something we didn’t often find in cafes. We may all have tasted cream dory somewhere before, but again it all comes down to how it is prepared. Cafe Tribu’s tastes great it will make you keep coming back for more — which won’t be a bad decision since it doesn’t cost that much.

Just before everyone thought it was over, this delicious creamy pesto was laid in front of me. Of course, without any hesitation I indulged myself with the perfectly al dente pasta immaculately coated with the sauce.

The sauce was rich and flavorful with just the right amount of saltiness. So even with the parmesan cheese, it wasn’t overly salty. I’d definitely get this again when I return.

It wouldn’t be complete without a dessert, so they also let us have a taste of their Wicked Oreos! These are coated and fried Oreos, served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. I enjoyed the contrast between the warm Oreos and the coldness of the ice cream.

But before we left, Guil and I tried their newest coffee flavor – Cappuccino Mocha Mint! Cold for Guil, and hot for me. I am not a fan of choco and mint combined together, but I found this drink quite satisfying. I could definitely pick out the subtle mint flavor in the richness of the coffee, and the combination was surprisingly enjoyable.

Final thoughts

All these dishes would be a perfect choice when you’re hanging out with your friends, chatting, or playing board games. They’re also good for those who love to go solo – reading a book, studying, or working. They’re also quite filling since they were served generously for such a reasonable price.

I honestly loved everything I had at Cafe Tribu Rosario Complex, that’s why I want to share P300 worth of Cafe Tribu GC’s with you and your friend! Go and check my Instagram or Facebook pages and find my Cafe Tribu giveaway post to join.

Also, they have Loyalty Cards that will enable you to get a free hot or cold coffee after your 6th. Simply present the card when you purchase any of their coffee and get them stamped.

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