“My Skin But Better” with Semi-Permanent BB Glow Pearl Treatment | The Beauty Studio

Last Saturday the 9th, I experienced my first ever semi-permanent makeup at The Beauty Studio! It was done by the owner herself, Ms. Paula Asis, a professional makeup artist who also specializes in facial treatments and semi-permanent makeup. It was a joy having met her, a lovely woman who radiates bright aura. ✨

The moment I entered her clinic, I was stunned! The place may have been quite small, but it looked sophisticated and lux. Everything was white and clean, creating a great first impression. There was a very fancy white royal couch on the left side of the room and a white counter on the right. The walls, shelves, and the ceiling were all white. The wall on the right was emblazoned with its gold name wall sign, the shelves were adorned with certificates and skin care products, and the ceiling was bedecked with beautiful crystal lights. The place was expensive-looking, but don’t be intimidated as their services are reasonable and the owner herself is suuuuper kind.

All services are done in a separate area in the clinic, ensuring the privacy of the clients. Inside the facial area, all the gadgets, tools, and products are properly organized. Ms. Paula also made sure that the towels and the bed are clean. Everything was spotless.

Before we went ahead to the procedure, Ms. Paula asked me to change my shoes into their slippers. There were three pairs of personalized black slippers at the door, sized small, medium, and large. Then she asked me to put on the black robe, which was also personalized. It was very Hogwarts-y! πŸ˜…βš‘

Once ready, she asked me to lie on the bed and she gently put on the headband (yes, it was personalized, too! So cute!) She was so sweet that even if it was my first time meeting her, I instantly felt so comfortable.

But first, what is BB Glow?

A Semi-Permanent BB Glow is exactly what is sounds like – a layer of a Special BB Cream is penetrated into the skin using nano needles. This treatment is often categorized as a skincare rather than a semi-permanent procedure as this treatment is designed to improve the look and feel of your skin, giving you a healthy glow and better complexion. As they say it this treatment can make you say “MY SKIN BUT BETTER”. Multiple variants are available such as BB Glow Lift which helps in producing collagen and works as anti-aging, BB Glow Acne is for clients with acne problems, and BB Glow Pearl which is for normal skin.

Now, let me take you through the procedure.

That day I was only wearing my Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway, and Rire Lucent Star cushion on my under eye, nose, and forehead. I set it with Althea Petal Velvet Powder and Ever Bilena x Kris Powder Foundation. I also wore Missha 4D Mascara on my lashes and brows, Chica y Chico One Kill Eyeliner, and L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Liquid Lipstick in the shade no. 115 ‘I am Worth It’.(review soon!) I used the Coral lip and cheek cream in the Rire cushion as my blush.

First, she washed my face with water and a gentle cleanser using two sponges.

After that, she gently rubbed my face with a minty facial scrub to further remove dirt and dead skin cells. I super loved it since I’m a huge fan of anything mint (well, except for choco-mint πŸ˜…).

Then she used a facial steamer to open up the pores and to get rid of any impurities that’s left on my face. It lasted for (if I remember it right) 8 minutes. Steaming also preps the face for the next step. And that is…

…pricking! It’s basically clearing the pores by extracting whiteheads and blackheads. I personally do not like pricking or even using nose strips, but since it was necessary for the treatment, I did not object. πŸ˜‚ Ms. Paula said they tend to come out through the needling process if they aren’t removed.


Of course, there was pain! That’s why I never liked that part of the facial (who does anyway?!) It was tolerable, but I did tear up after my nose was done. πŸ˜‚

After that, my skin became red and swollen where she pricked, but it later calmed after she put a few drops of a special ampoule. It’s plant-based and the smell is a little earthy, so you’ll have to endure that for a few minutes. It disappears after some time anyway. As for me, I didn’t mind the scent and I felt so relaxed while she was massaging my face.

And now, the highlight of this treatment – needling! In this process, a pen-like device with nano-needles was used to get the BB Glow ampoule into the skin. It’s also plant-based but this kind of looks and smells like a BB cream. It was applied with a brush, before the nano-needles penetrated the skin.

A total of three layers of the ampoule were applied, which means the nano-needles had to pass all over my face three times. With the first layer, the needles sweeped from the center part of my face going outwards. With the second and third layer, the needles went in small circular motions. Ms. Paula stretched the skin where the nano-needles were passing through to make the application even.

Is it painful? You might be wondering. I wouldn’t say it was not painful, because it was. BUT it was tolerable. And gurrrl, as a person with low pain tolerance, if I said it was tolerable, trust me, it really was. However, bony areas like the forehead, cheekbone, and nose bridge were, indeed, quite challenging. That’s why I wasn’t talking throughout the procedure, I was concentrating! πŸ˜‚

It felt like ages haha! But when I checked the time in my videos, I saw that it only lasted for about 10 minutes!

With my face still covered with the BB Glow, Ms. Paula used a special roller on my skin. Doing so would improve blood circulation and enable the skin to further absorb the product.

The next step was called PDT or the photodynamic therapy. Prior to that, by the way, Ms. Paula covered my face with a sheet mask. Then she used the red light as it would rejuvenate my treated skin, reduce acne, plump skin, and promote healing. It would also make the skin take in the essence more effectively.

This step takes 20 minutes, and because the eyes are completely covered, there is a chance of falling asleep! πŸ˜…

After twenty minutes, Ms. Paula washed off the essence and the ampoule, and sealed my face with moisturizer and sunblock.

After the treatment

right after the treatment

I noticed that my skin did look a lot better with less prominent pores and more even complexion. My acne marks also lightened to the point that they were no longer super visible. The texture improved a lot, too, especially on the jaw area which was often dry, dull, and rough.

3 days after the treatment

It was like wearing a super thin and lightweight BB cream, only, I wasn’t! My face is now on its 5th day after the treatment and I am super loving it!

5 days after treatment, in natural lighting

Ms. Paula recommends that this treatment be done in three sessions every 15 days for better results. It can last 2-4 months with proper care. You may also go back every month for maintenance.

Final thoughts

Feeling pretty! haha! I’m not pretty, but at least my skin is. I super love the results and I can confidently say that all the pain is worth it! πŸ˜‚

P.S. All photos are raw and unedited. Please excuse the blurred ones. Blog will be up soon and will be posted here as well.

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