Brand calls out other brands for copying, but aren’t they equally guilty?

Copying is never acceptable, but I guess in business, it is quite inevitable. There will always be one who’ll come out as the trailblazer, and there will always be those who’ll follow their lead.

Not too long ago, blush sticks that come in deo stick packaging became a thing. As far as I know, it was a local brand called Luna Organics that first came out with such products, and more and more smaller brands released their own versions. Funny enough, knock-offs of Luna blush sticks came into being and people were deceived. I still can’t fathom how and why anybody would imitate another local product!

So, Luna made it their responsibility to notify the people about the fake that’s circulating in the market and made them aware of the differences. It is awfully disappointing to see how many imitations there are in various online shops, including Shopee!

Now what bothers me is how a brand who fights against counterfeit ends up copying another popular brand’s packaging. What made it even worse was that the famous Peripera bottles had already been used by other sellers way before Luna did.

From a brand who started a trend, to a brand who is now just following a trend.

I was honestly disappointed when they jumped on the Peripera bandwagon, and even more so, seeing them ranting all over Instagram about being copied. I know that what they did was not exactly like what was done to them (which is undoubtedly disgusting), but using the Peripera INK bottles for their Kiss Ink line is still copying.

If you were to ask me what I would suggest they do, I’d say that they should either repackage all their Kiss Inks, or simply stop ranting all over social media. It’s gotten so toxic that I and some people I know ended up muting their Stories.

Despite all this, though, I still bought one of their Kiss Tints (all because of Kate haha!) so that I can review it for you, my dear friends. Rest assured, my thoughts will remain 100% honest and unbiased, and will not be affected by my disappointment in the brand.

I know that I am but a small voice in this community, but it doesn’t mean I have none. This is how I feel and what I think, and we all have our own opinions. This is not to kick the brand down, I doubt this will even do any difference. But I will deeply appreciate it if Luna Organics will take this into consideration.

Comment below what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Brand calls out other brands for copying, but aren’t they equally guilty?

  1. Why not have their own packaging kasi ano. I mean, parang mas ok yung pagandahan ng design and all. Kaysa parepareho. Para di din magmukhang imitation?

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    1. Yes!!! Ang nangyari kasi sa labels lang nag-iba. Wala nang effort sa packaging. Bibili ng mga mass produced na containers, papaprint na lang ng stickers. Yun na.


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