My Top 3 Favorite Milk Tea in Cabuyao

The milk tea craze has, indeed, reached the City of Cabuyao as more and more milk tea shops continue to pop up.

As you may already know, I’m a “noob” at milk tea, and it wasn’t long ago when I had my very first at The Selftea Lab in Cabuyao. It remains, up to this day my most favorite, since they were the very reason I got into this so-called “milk tea addiction”.

Their “selfie-on-a-milk-tea” concept also sets them apart from the others and it’s always fun to see my photos printed on their special ice cream topping.

As I’ve grown to like milk tea, I’ve become more open to try different blends. I still stick to safe flavors like coffee, Oreo, hazelnut, chocolate, or cheese cake, though.

It’s crazy that I now look for that particular tea flavor, when I never liked it before! It’s even crazier that last Wednesday, I got myself an entire 1 Liter of Choco Java Milk Tea (with 50% sugar) from D’Tea Zone ! It took me an entire ride home to finish it. 🤤

The pearls, though, were not evenly cooked. The ones at the top were soft and chewy, but the ones at the bottom were overcooked. I still enjoyed it, though, since the flavor was pretty spot on.

On the right was Guil’s Cream Cheese Milk Tea, 22oz, 75% sugar

And today, I tried Milk Tealicious that’s across from Citi Global College. The aroma of the tea was wafting all around the shop and it excited me almost as much as coffee would.

I got their Hazelnut Milk Tea, with 50% sugar and extra pearls. I really love their packaging! The plastic used for the cup is type no. 5, meaning it has high resistance to heat, similar to that of the microwavable containers that we reuse. It’s thick and tough, so I’m thinking of reusing this when I buy from them next time.

As for the flavor, I’d say it passed my “noob milk tea tongue” as I could still taste both the Hazelnut and the tea in it. Also, the tapioca pearls were cooked perfectly.👌

There are other milk tea shops in Cabuyao that I haven’t tried yet, but these 3 are my faves so far. ❤

If you’re reading this and you happen to be from the same city, kindly comment below your recommendations!

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3 thoughts on “My Top 3 Favorite Milk Tea in Cabuyao

  1. I love milk tea. I had to get used to it at first because it tasted and looked a bit funny, it was different from what I was used to. The last time I had it was in the U.K. but the first time I tried it was in Hong Kong. I will never forget the times I had milk tea, those are fond memories of my interactions with Asian culture.
    – Dyami

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      1. I am not sure whether I would classify myself as a tea person, but the emotional association with my experiences in Asia certainly have a positive magical effect whenever I think of milk tea. Good memories do influence taste perception as well, I think. Last time I had milk tea in the U.K., it tasted good also because I recalled the happy memories of my experiences in Asia.

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