I customized my own lippie! | #Lab2Love Customized Cosmetics by Ellana Minerals

Hello, how’s your Monday going? It’s been ages since I last wrote anything beauty related and I am more than excited to tell you about today’s topic. I’m sure 90% of you are reading this because of the title. Also, you’re probably a lipstick junkie and are very much interested in customizing your own shade. If yes, then being here is one of the best decisions you made today. 😉By the way, if you were to create your own lippie, what shade would it be and what would you name it?

Every lipstick lover, like myself, dreams of creating their very own lipstick, or at least their own lippie shade. What better way to do it than co-creating it with the brand you absolutely trust! As for me, I did it with Ellana.

Ellana is going to launch their fresh new concept called Lab2Love Customized Cosmetics. Although they’re already offering Custom Colors where customers can create shades that would suit their preference, this service is still limited to only few select stores.

But before Lab2Love starts to roll out, Ellana invited some women who could initially try it. I felt I was lucky enough to have received an invite from them, so I said YES right away! I’m really glad I did because it was such a fun experience and I can’t wait for you to try it yourself. Read on to see what you can expect from Ellana’s Lab2Love and, well of course, it would be my pleasure if you would see my own lippie shade!

My very own Lip Drunk Blush

The first line that will be available at Lab2Love is their Lip Drunk Blush. It’s their lip and cheek balm stain that’s perfect for that “tipsy flush”. This cocktail-inspired lippie is super moisturizing and leaves a beautiful stain on the lips and cheeks. So it lasts the whole day without drying the skin and lips out.

Ellana’s Lip Drunk Blush currently has five gorgeous shades that are suitable for our every day look: Sangria, Autumn Martini, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pink Flamingo, and, Mimosa.

I like mauve, deep rose red, and plum; so we went for a combination of Sangria (plum) and Mimosa (brownish nude). I was then asked if I wanted to add a bit of shimmer, and I thought it was a good idea. So, the lovely lady who assisted me suggested that we add Ellana’s Multipurpose Loose Pigment in the shade Halo, because of its pink tones.

Romance, Beam, Halo, Sensational, Dream

Next step is choosing the fragrance. This was the hardest one for me, because they all smelled great! They had floral and fruity notes, but Sangria won my heart. It made me think of a garden filled with colorful and sweet-smelling flowers, drenched in the rain.

Final step was to pick which benefit my lips need. Between Avocado oil and Tsubaki oil, I picked Tsubaki. My lips are not very dry, but I often forget to exfoliate so they tend to get flaky. Also, I have oily skin so I won’t be needing heavy moisturization.

If you have dry skin and lips, though, I suggest you pick Avocado oil. It’s known as an incredible moisturizer and an effective treatment for inflammation.

Now it’s time to cook!

It was put in a microwave oven for 1 minute and 30 seconds. And here’s the final product:

Here it is when applied:

I wanted the name to be inspired by the wizarding world, and I initially named it after Hermione’s dress robes. However, I later realized that since all of the 5 shades have been named after alcoholic beverages, why not stay on the same lane?

So finally, I named my own Lip Drunk Blush “FIREWHISKY”. In the wizarding world, Firewhisky is an alcoholic drink that is said to fill a wizard’s (or a witch’s) body with courage. Two popular brands are Ogden’s Old Firewhisky and Blishen’s Firewhisky.

Why I think every lipstick junkie should try it

I’ve always loved the idea of DIY’s, so this is a great opportunity for me to be creative. Despite the number of choices in terms of brands, colors, and finish, there is always a hit and miss.

Since Ellana’s Lip Drunk Blush line only has 5 shades, the options are quite limited. For some, Strawberry Daiquiri might be a bit too red; or Pink Flamingo may be a bit too pink. Some would love Mimosa to be a teenie bit darker or redder.

Finding what suits our preference is like hitting the piñata.

It’s always nice to have something you can call your own. You get to decide what shade you want to achieve, which scent, and how nourishing it should be on your lips. It’s also fun thinking of a name. You’re probably thinking of a pretty one right now — you may already have thought about it for ages!

To top it all off, Ellana is vegan-friendly and have been proven to perform all their claims. When they say their products are long-lasting, you can expect them to really last all day!

This is several hours after the application. It left a beautiful stain and now it’s lifeproof, too!

Just my two cents…

I think it would be nicer if we could mix not just two, but three shades. I also hope they would make it available for their other products, such as Lip in Luxe and Multipurpose Color Cream.

They haven’t officially announced how much it will be, but in my opinion, it will be a wee bit higher than the readily available Lip Drunk Blush. That still requires time and effort to achieve the shade that we want.

Now as consumers, we should keep an open mind that the outcome may not be 100% identical with what we have imagined, since we’re only playing with two out of five colors. There’s no need for “I-don’t-like-it-so-I-won’t-pay-for-it” kind of attitude. Just enjoy the ride!

Final thoughts

As mentioned above there’s still no announcement as to where and when it will roll out. Keep your eyes peeled and follow them on their socials!

Facebook: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics
Instagram: @ellanaminerals
Website: https://www.ellanacosmetics.com

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