Was COSMO BEAUTYCON 2019 worth it?


Last year was fun. This year was even more so!

Aaaand I got featured by Cosmo!

Thanks to my NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede in the shade Jet Set that Guil picked for me. I was having a hard time deciding whether I’d wear that or my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Crocodile Tears. Apparently, Guil made the right choice!

Sorry if I am making quite a big deal out of it. It’s my first gurl, so pagpasensiyahan niyo na, please? ๐Ÿ˜…

Anyways, to those who don’t know yet, Cosmo Beautycon is a beauty convention organized by Cosmopolitan Philippines. It is where people who are passionate about beauty and wellness can check out beauty products, listen to talks, score some good promos, enjoy freebies, and if you’re in luck, win some prizes! Last year I won a complete set of Revlon Street Chic Collection!

So yeah, if you are to ask me, going to this beauty and wellness festival was absolutely worth going to.

Let me give you some more reasons why.

1. Loot > Price of tickets

This year’s Cosmo Beautycon was held last August 31st and September 1st, while last year was only a one-day event that was held on August 25th. I went on the second day with a GenAd pass, worth only P150, since I lived far and couldn’t go on both days. The VIP tickets came in a bundle worth P600, which gave access to both days.

Though I wanted to get the VIP bundle, I didn’t. I thought it wouldn’t be practical for me since I was only going to attend one day. But seeing all the VIP holders’ loot bags, I now wish I did!

Anyways, GenAd loot wasn’t bad at all. ๐Ÿ‘Œ Keep on reading to find my mini haul!

So yeah, the stuff we took home was worth so much more than what we had spent.

2. Instagrammable Photo Booths!

Aside from CopyCam 360 videos,

…we enjoyed taking fun photos at the Cream Silk booths…

…and at my favorite, the pink Cosmo bathtub! ๐Ÿ›€

I always feel and look awkward when my photos are taken, but that day, I went all out — thanks to my good friends Diane and Mayeth, I got really great shots!

3. Seeing favorite TV and YouTube personalities!

Beautycons are never complete without inspiring talks from celebrities. VIP holders even have a photo opportunity with the celebrity speaker at the end of the talk.

GenAd ticket holders, like myself, were also able to take selfies with some of them as they went around the venue.

I’ve met Anne Clutz several times before, and it’s wonderful to see that she still seems to be the same humble person despite all her success.

Diane, Mayeth, and I also had a little chat with Skin Potions Queen Doll, Ms. Jonah! She’s so sweet, humble, and super kind. A beautiful person inside and out.

Also, we met the lovely Carla Abellana at the FineLyf.com booth! She’s suuuuuper nice and accommodating, graciously taking photos and talking to anyone who dropped by. She even said my lippy was pretty! ๐Ÿ™ˆ *kilig*

By the way, she is going to release her own makeup brand so we gotta watch out for it!

4. Lots of promos, discounts, and freebies!

Each of the participating brands offered amazing discounts for everybody, but VIP ticket holders could get more with their GC’s. They were even able to enjoy free services.

GenAd pass holders also got free stuff from Myra – a full-sized lotion, samples of their Vitamin E capsules, and samples of their moisturizer. I also got to spin the Cosmo wheel and won Solenn’s Hot Sos book from Summit Books. A Derm Care attendant handed out some samples of Derm Care moisturizer and gift certificates.

By taking a photo at the Cream Silk booth, posting it on Instagram, and adding their hashtags in the caption, I received a free Cream Silk conditioner trial kit!

By the way, I purchased a pair of cute earrings at Double.Oh for a lower price!


5. A day with friends who are just as crazy about beauty as you!

This is the highlight of the entire event. I got to hang out with my crazy friends, Diane and Mayeth, who by the way are both content creators like me. I reunited with some of my blogger friends, Maka, Sab and Pring. And I finally got to meet some of my online pals, like Merryl!


It would’ve been an even crazier day if Diane, Mayeth, and I were with Kate. She couldn’t make it because of work, but she said she’d make sure she wouldn’t miss Year 4!

Find a friend who’s willing to go down on the floor for a perfect shot!

I’m really glad I didn’t miss it.

I had been in Hermit Mode for quite a while and going out for Cosmo Beautycon was absolutely a great decision. I had so much fun! (Plus, I was happy with my ensemble hehe!)

I just hope they’d offer 1-day VIP pass next time for people who live far like me or for those who have work or commitments.

Final thoughts:

Congrats, Cosmo!

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