5 Facial Gadgets for Younger Looking Skin

I really should not be so surprised if people in this day and age get so obsessed with beauty gadgets. In the past, there were actually much weirder ones that were used by both men and women to improve their looks. There was one that corrected the shape of the nose and the mouth, an octopus looking one that could perm the hair, and some bizarre face masks that promised to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles. There was actually an electric face massager that resembled my LED mask (honestly, I think it looked more like Jason in Friday the 13th).

The twenty-year-old me would have laughed if she had seen her future self using weird tools on her face. I didn’t use to believe that they would do any good. I even thought they were just a waste of time and money. Food and sleep would certainly be a bigger priority than skincare.

Since I already own a few, I might as well use them. Besides, I received most of them through gifts – lucky me! And I was even more fortunate that I won in giveaways. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have experienced the benefits of these power beauty tools.

1. Miniso Deep Cleansing Ultrasonic Face Cleanser

Miniso Deep Clean Ultrasonic Face Cleansing

This is a battery-operated brush that scrubs off dead skin cells and deeply cleanses pores. It comes with two brush heads and a base. Each brush head is covered with a plastic cap that protects it from dirt. The cap has holes, though, for the bristles to breathe and dry properly. This will also prevent molds from settling at the bottom of the brush.

The interchangeable brush head spins at 18,000 rpm, which is said to be 6 times faster and better than the traditional face cleansing method. Not only does it deeply remove dirt from the skin, but also promotes blood circulation. Good blood circulation means healthy skin because it leads to a sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients that carry away free radicals.

Miniso Deep Clean Ultrasonic Face Cleansing Brush rotates at 18,000 rpm

Each cycle lasts for 1 minute. The device automatically shuts down, so you won’t need to use a timer (or mentally count “1001, 1002, 1003…1060” lol).

How to use Miniso Deep Cleansing Ultrasonic Face Cleanser

  1. Twist the brush head to remove it from the device. Remove the cap and wet the brush thoroughly. I suggest that you wash the brush well to make sure it is free from dirt. As for me, I wash it with soap, too. Also, if the bristles are not wet enough, they feel stiff and it can be abrasive on the skin.
  2. Shake off excess water then put the brush back on the device. Squeeze desired amount of your facial wash on top of the brush. You may also apply the product directly on the face if you want to make sure your face gets the product evenly.
  3. Click the start button and with circular motions, gently scrub your face. Do not press hard as it can hurt your skin.
  4. Once the cycle is over, rinse your face with water.
  5. Remove the brush head, rinse, and dry. Cover it and place the device back on the base.

My thoughts:

I like it because my skin feels really clean and smooth every time I use it. I also like that the bristles are soft enough so it doesn’t feel like they’re cutting through my skin. It may seem quite fancy, but I think it is a must-have for me since I have oily skin and I wear a lot of makeup. I also find it satisfying when I see the suds and the bristles turn from white to brown after washing. That proves that there were some product and gunk left in my skin, and my Miniso Deep Cleansing Ultrasonic Cleanser really works.

Where I got it: Gifted by Guil’s sister, Mara
Where you can buy it: any Miniso stores
How much: more or less P700

2. Ion Sonic 3-in-1 Skin Scrubber

Ion Sonic 3-in-1 Skin Scrubber

This device uses ION Therapy as a skin treatment. Positive ion is said to peel away dead skin cells and take out impurities like whiteheads, blackheads, and excess sebum; and negative ion to help the skin absorb the serums more effectively.

With its slim design, it easily fits my hand and barely bulges in my bag. It also feels lightweight, yet durable. The removable cap protects the main spatula/shovel which is made of stainless steel. The spatula is angled and has a curved tip that follows the contours of the face.

How to use the Ion Sonic Skin Scrubber

The device has three modes, and each is activated by the only button on the hardware. Tap button once to activate Mode 1, which is Cleansing; twice for Mode 2, Patting; and three taps for Mode 3, Lifting.

Cleansing Mode:

  1. Plug it using the USB cable included in the box. Mine didn’t come with an adapter so I just use my mobile phone charger. Sometimes I plug it in my laptop.
  2. Wash face but leave it damp. This device works better with damp face. You may also use a face mist. Mine’s Rose Water and Herbs by Nature Skin Secrets.
  3. Tap the button once to activate Cleansing mode.
  4. Position the spatula on the face with the tip facing down. I prefer starting on the nose, where whiteheads and blackheads are more likely to form.
  5. Gently sweep the skin with the skin scrubber. You’ll notice the water on your skin turns into a fine mist as you drag it along. Careful not to scrape too much or too hard as it can be harmful on your skin. Remember that it’s already an exfoliator, so be delicate.
  6. Once you’re done, wash your face again.

The Patting and Lifting modes work pretty much the same. The tip of the spatula must be pointing upwards.

  1. Apply your serum and spread it with your finger.
  2. Double-tap on the button to activate Patting Mode.
  3. Then, sweep the spatula all over the face. Start from the middle then work your way out.

As for the Lifting Mode, I don’t know if my device was just malfunctioning or if my skin was supposed to be completely dry. As soon as the spatula touched my face, my hand felt a very mild electric shock when my finger came into contact with the metal part on the handle.

When you’re done, wipe the spatula with a clean cotton pad or cloth before putting it away.

Use this 2-3 times a week, but I suggest that you use it once or twice first. You have to know first how your skin will react to the treatment.

My thoughts:

I find this product fascinating as it can perform three tasks. For me, the Cleansing Mode is the most useful of all. It’s quite satisfying to watch whiteheads coming out, along with some milky white stuff probably excess sebum or makeup residue, from my pores. However, it does not really eliminate everything, as I see some whiteheads still sitting in my pores. Also, there is a possibility that the skin will become dry if the oils have been extracted. So it is highly recommended to use a moisturizer afterward. The Patting and Lifting Modes also seem to work pretty well. I noticed that my skin turned red after the session, which indicated blood circulation. Remember, good blood circulation means healthy skin!

Where I got it: Nature Skin Secrets’ Giveaway
Where you can buy it: I found (via Google) some shops on Shopee that sell them
How much: Price ranges from P1,000 to P3,000 (might be higher)

3. Laneige Time Freeze Face Fit Roller

This face massager claims to help achieve a more youthful complexion and the highly sought after ‘hugis-bigas’ face aka ‘V-shaped face’. With regular use, one can achieve a more contoured face and a firmer skin. The asymmetrical rollers perfectly fit the shape of the face and promise the ‘best lifting effect’. It doesn’t just look fancy with its white gold plating, but it also feels luxurious.

It is housed in a sturdy, yet elegant-looking packaging, and has a protective foam inside that serves as a cushion. Also, there is an instruction manual with easy-to-understand illustrations making it unnecessary to translate the words from Korean to English.

Now what is this face roller for? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Improves blood circulation and skin tone
  • Improves elasticity of the skin
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces puffiness and wrinkles
  • Reduces dark under-eye circles
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Tightens and reduces pore size
  • Promotes healing, relaxation and inflammation reduction

If you’re in your thirties, then you’ll know that these benefits are all we need. As we age, we get a lot of stress; and our body, in general, does not work as efficiently as it used to. That is not different from our facial skin. Collagen supply starts depleting, wrinkles appear, and gravity seems to pull our skin downwards. The facial muscles become stiff. Lines and folds look deeper. Our under-eyes get even drier and darker. By massaging the face at least 2-3 times a week, circulation to your facial tissue is increased. It loosens up the stiff muscles and gives them a lift.

My thoughts:

At first, I thought it was gimmicky, but after having used it every night for almost a month and off and on after, I can confidently say it is effective. I noticed that my cheeks now look defined. I can see a shadow underneath my cheekbone, indicating that it has been sculpted. The under eyes also show significant changes as they become less dark and the lines less prominent. I still have my jaws and neck to work on, so I might as well keep rolling! 😉

Where I got it: Althea Korea
Where you can get it: Althea Korea
How much: P2,300

4. Rose Quartz Roller

Rose Quartz Roller from Face and Stone

From one roller to another roller! I’m sure you have heard or might have even used a Jade Roller. But what I have here is Rose Quartz. It was a Mother’s Day gift from my dear friend Kate Alfajora (I know… She’s so sweet!) She purchased it from Face and Stone.

The item came in a pretty vintage-looking box that has a magnetic flip cover. Inside it was a card and an instruction manual. The roller is dual-ended. The wider roller is for the bigger areas of the face, and the smaller one for the undereye, nose, and around the mouth.

But first, what’s the difference between a Jade roller and a Rose Quartz roller? I thought you might ask. To be very honest with you guys, I don’t know much about their difference. All I know is that these rollers have similar roles with the Face Fit Roller, in terms of promoting good blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, minimizing pore size, improving the elasticity of the skin, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

But to better understand which one is better, I Googled for more information and found Wilder North. Here is an excerpt from their blog:


“Jade is considered a symbol of beauty, grace, and longevity in Chinese society. These precious jade rollers were part of every wealthy and powerful women’s beauty chest in ancient China. The Jade rollers have been used from then until the present where they can be found in cosmetic acupuncture clinics and increasingly modern-day spas.
Traditionally Jade Rollers were used to flatten wrinkles on the face and clear fluid congestion. Jade is a semiprecious stone that it remains cold while in contact with the skin and this helps to close the pores and tighten the skin. The most useful function is that they increase lymphatic drainage. Combined with the rolling action, the jade roller works to tone up facial muscles, increase circulation, stimulate detoxification by lymphatic drainage and aid absorption of your skincare. Using one of these on a daily basis will soon leave your face feeling firmer, smoother and looking clearer, while also working wonders for under-eye puffiness and dark circles.”


“Egyptians believed rose quartz had anti-aging properties. It is thought that the Goddess Isis would gather tumbled stones of rose quartz by the Nile river where she used these as facial massage stones to keep the complexion clear and prevent wrinkles.
Rose Quartz is commonly referred to as the “Love Stone” for its strong vibrations of unconditional love, tenderness, joy warmth and healing. This beautiful pink crystal has a powerful energy that resonates within both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra the area related to compassion.
Rose quartz is packed full of minerals, including silicium, magnesium, iron, sodium, and oxygen. It has an amazing ability to reduce inflammation and support the renewal of skin cells plus heals and rejuvenates. Rose quartz rollers are also good for the heart and circulation, bringing oxygen to skin which improves tone, luster, and glow.

How to use the Rose Quartz Roller

I learned that there are two ways of using the roller: gentle downward movement for detoxification and lymphatic drainage and a vigorous upward movement for skin rejuvenation and blood circulation. As for me, I often do the latter.

I usually go from the center of my face going outwards, similar methods with my Face Fit Roller. The roller is already cool in itself, but it is best when chilled. It can be used on its own or with a sheet mask. As for me, I often use it when I have a sheet mask on. I feel like it helps the essence to penetrate better.

My thoughts:

With all the benefits the Rose Quartz Roller offers, I think it deserves a spot in my routine. I like that it does not just aim to improve the outward appearance, but also promotes wellness and healing. It is known as the stone of universal love, as it purifies and opens the heart to attract powerful energy of self-love, friendship, and inner peace.

The Rose Quartz from Face and Stone looks sophisticated and feels really solid. These are made of real gemstone and not cheap plastic beads. The rollers glide on smoothly and are not wobbly, which means the quality is top-notch. I love it!

Where I got it: Gifted by Kate Alfajora
Where you can get it: Face and Stone
How much: I actually have no idea how much it is, so kindly DM Face and Stone for info.

5. LED Mask


Actually, I’ve written about this in my other blog. It’s a more detailed review – what it’s like, what it’s for, and what my first 7-day experience was like. To read it, please click here.

Spoiler alert: I LOVE THIS MASK!

What do you guys think? Which of these gadgets caught your interest? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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