My Holy Grail Mascara! | EUNYUL Night View Long Lash Mascara Review

If you’re looking for an affordable mascara that actually works, then thank yourself you clicked on this. This is the best – like THE BEST I’ve tried so far – I can finally say I have found my holy grail.

Now, what makes it my holy grail? Keep reading! 😄

EUNYUL Night View Long Lash Mascara

Each of us has our own preferences no matter what product it is. That’s why “what works for me may or may not work for you”.

What do you always look for in a mascara? As for me, I always consider the formula, the longevity, and most importantly, the price. And among all the mascaras that I have tried, EUNYUL Night View Long Lash Mascara is the one that really stands out.

Glad I included it in my most recent Althea haul!

But first, let me tell you about the product.

EUNYUL Night View Long Lash Mascara is a Korean product, which I purchased from Althea Korea, the No. 1 K-beauty online shop.

There are two other variants: Je t’ aime Curling Mascara and Queen’s Volume Mascara. We can tell by their names that the former is curling and the latter is volumizing. I have very short lashes that are almost invisible (to the naked eye 😅) so I chose the one that can lengthen them.

I super love the concept and the overall look of the packaging. Each variant has different colors: Je t’ aime is violet, Queen’s is red, and Night View is blue. And each of them represents a different city: Paris, London, and Hongkong, respectively.

EUNYUL Night View Long Lash Mascara features Hongkong

The robin egg blue box is truly eye candy. It’s beautifully designed and contains all the important information in crisp printing. Another plus is that the information has been printed in both Korean and English.

EUNYUL Queen’s Volume Mascara
EUNYUL Je t’ aime Curling Mascara

The initial packaging is a typical black plastic tube, but instead of the laser-printed name similar to that of Missha 4D Mascara, this has a sticker type label. It isn’t an ordinary sticker, though. It doesn’t tear easily even when it gets wet, and the printing is as good as the one on the box.

High-quality sticker label on a black plastic tube

Let me give you a closer look.

As you can see, Eunyul Night View Long Lash Mascara has a curved bubble wand. To know more about mascara wands, click here.

Curved bubble wand can reach all the lashes

The shape of the wand helps reach all the lashes and distribute the product more evenly. The wand is also quite skinny so getting to the roots isn’t much of a struggle. It’s also flexible for an easier and a comfortable application.

Each tube contains 7ml of the product.

As for the scent, it smells just like a typical mascara. The main product has a really smooth texture that weirdly reminds me of rich chocolate fudge. Despite that, it isn’t sticky once applied and it doesn’t feel too wet. But just like any other mascara, you have to give it some time to completely set and dry up.

It claims to make the lashes look richer without flaking and smudging. It also promises to stay on for a long time.

My thoughts:

As I have already mentioned at the beginning of this review, EUNYUL Night View Long Lash Mascara is now my holy grail. I’d say that the shape of the mascara wand really does its job to make my lashes look longer and more curled up.

Since my eyes are a bit sensitive, there is a tendency that they can get irritated if I use the wrong product. I remember using Avon Simply Pretty Clear Mascara and it made my eyes watery and droopy. This triggered headache later in the day. EUNYUL Night View Long Lash Mascara, however, has never had that effect on me. I feel comfortable wearing it even after a long day.

Does it really last throughout the day, though? A big fat YES! I believe this is the very reason why I love this product – it’s long-wearing! I come home with my mascara still on – no flaking, no crumbling, and no smudging. If I compare it with my previous favorite, Missha 4D Mascara, EUNYUL Night View Long Lash Mascara stays on a lot longer no matter the weather. The Missha one works decently on my lashes, it’s also budget-friendly, and it can last for hours. However, it tends to become sticky and crumbly as the day ends. When it gets hot and my face gets oily or sweaty, I get smudges on the lower lash line and the outer corner of my eyes. None of this has ever happened with EUNYUL.

Also, if you’re a beauty on a budget, you’re going to like it. For only PhP 220, you can get 7ml of a mascara that’s perfect for all-day wear. That’s only a few bucks compared to Maybelline Hypercurl (which was my first favorite but dried up too soon); and a lot less pricey than L’Oreal Lash Paradise, (which also became my favorite until it stopped working its magic within the first few weeks). I’ve had my EUNYUL since July and it’s still as good as when I first used it.

My holy grail mascara!

However, despite being my current holy grail, there is a possible deal-breaker. It is not paraben-free. 😫

Ingredients grabbed from Althea website

I try, as much as possible, to keep all my make up safe and free from harmful chemicals, but in this case, I’m turning a blind eye to it. 🙈 Besides, it has never caused irritation or pain. Also, this has been approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, so that means the amount of paraben used is within safe limits.

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