Are tampons life changing? | Ladouce Tampons (Minis) Review

Before I begin, let me just warn you that this post contains TMI (too much information) that I find necessary to share. If that is not a problem with you, please feel free to read. Otherwise, please check my other posts. Thank you for dropping by!

I was 11 when I first had my period. I freaked out when I saw a patch of brown-red stuff on my underwear thinking if it was already “that” or if I was sick. I showed it to my mom and after closely checking, she confirmed that it was, indeed, my first menstruation.

Ladouce Tampons (Mini)
photo grabbed from Sample Room PH

Since then, I have used sanitary napkins. When I first learned about tampons, I had scary thoughts. What if it hurt? What if it didn’t come out?

And now, at the age of 34, I finally had the courage to try tampons. I thought, ‘What if they were life-changing, as what tampon users claimed?’

So while I was browsing Sample Room PH and found that LaDouce Tampons were available, I purchased it without hesitation. Good thing I had enough points which I earned from reviewing products there!

Unfortunately, only the minis were available. I was hoping I could get the regular-sized ones since I tend to have heavy flows, especially on my second and third days. I didn’t want to get the big ones. They might not be good for first-timers. 😅

First Impressions

The box was well-sealed and all sixteen tampons were properly organized. Each tampon is also wrapped tightly with plastic, so it keeps our mind at ease that they have not been tampered with.

Ladouce Tampons (Mini)
photo grabbed from Sample Room PH

All the basic information can be read on the box. It also comes with an instructions manual that gives further information for safe and proper usage. There are also illustrations just in case the directions seem difficult to understand. But personally, I find the instructions really clear and fairly straightforward.

My First Time!

Being the praning me, I made sure that I had read all the important details before giving it a go. I read the instructions repeatedly until I could mentally recite them word for word (lol of course I’m just exaggerating.) 

Here’s what I did:

  1. First, I made sure my hands were clean. We don’t want any contamination in our sensitive area. I twisted the plastic seal and peeled away the part that covered the side with the thread.
  2. Holding the other side that was still covered by the plastic in one hand, I pulled the thread with my other hand as hard as I could until the tampon was released from the plastic. This tests the durability of the thread. It ensures that the tampon won’t get stuck in our vajayjay.
  3. With one leg raised on the toilet seat and one hand pulling the front part of my you-know-what, I positioned the tampon on the opening and slowly pushed it with a finger into my vajayjay.
  4. I pushed deeply until my other fingers touched my body or until the finger inside could barely touch the end of the tampon.
  5. I contracted my muscles, like holding in pee, to make sure it felt comfortable.

Of course, at first it felt super weird and I could not stop thinking that something could go wrong. What if it didn’t come out? What if I were one of the “small number of women” who’d experience TSS (toxic shock syndrome)?

Since Ladouce does not come with an applicator (plunger), it has a tendency to be quite scratchy. When my vajayjay felt a bit dry, I struggled with inserting the tampon. It took me a while before I was able to push it in.

The very first one I used felt like it was not inserted properly I could actually feel something was in there. I was uncomfortable, and again, my head was bombarded with all the worst-case scenarios. So I removed it and instead of placing it back, I used a brand new one.

Removing the tampon felt even weirder because it actually felt like an orgasm – like you were going to pee but it wasn’t really pee, if that makes sense. 🙊 Make sure to relax your muscle down there, it makes pulling it out a lot easier. I got used to it eventually.

Because the second and the third days are the worst, I used a sanitary napkin just to make sure I wouldn’t get any stains on my undies. I had to replace the tampon every couple of hours and it was not a very pretty experience.

I was still not comfortable with it, so I went back to my good old sanitary napkins. But surprisingly, it wasn’t even an hour yet when I decided using tampons again.

So are they life-changing?

Yes, they really are! Despite all the trouble and inconveniences I had in the first few days, I think the reward overthrew them all.

Little to no stains. When the flow is really heavy, even night use pads can’t do any good. Stains are inevitable unless I’m using menstrual pants, which are actually impressive. But with tampons, I could move, sit, or lie without worrying I’d mess up my clothes or my sheets.

Feels super clean. My intimate area felt a lot cleaner when I used a tampon than when I used a pad or pants. With pads or pants, blood would all over be that area and it didn’t look and feel comfortable at all. There was always fear that it might leak and stain my pants.

Makes peeing less messy. Even with the tampon inside our vajayjay, we can just pee as we normally would. It’s also so much better because we’re actually saving our toilet from getting bloodshed. 😂 My only problem was doing number 2. I worried that it would be pushed out and fall into the toilet. 😅

Final thoughts

Overall, I’d say that despite all the trouble, switching to tampons was a good decision. First-times aren’t always smooth and easy, are they? Just don’t let the fear take over. Focus on the advantages and how they can change your life. Most importantly, reading is everything. Educate yourself about the product.

So, what do you think? If you’ve finally decided to give them a shot or if you’re already using tampons, please share your first-time experience with me! Leave a comment below!

Thank you, Sample Room! You can also enjoy free products and earn more points when you write a review on their website. Comment here or go to the Contact Me tab with your e-mail so I could send you an invite!

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