My heart and my tummy were both very happy on Valentine’s Day at Chef RV’s Kitchen! | #RixFoodieFridays

On Valentines Day, I had a date with my Kuya and my sister-in-law. My mom was supposed to be with us but couldn’t make it, so ininggit na lang namin siya. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Kuya and Ate Mina had both been at @chefrvmanabat‘s Kitchen, which is located in Binan Laguna, kaya they already knew how good the food was. Juskkkkoooo ngayon pa lang, gusto ko nang bumalik! They also have BAGOONG RICE, but I just had rice last Wednesday at Friends and Family Express (will be posting about it, too), so I passed.

I had Steak & Mashed Potatoes (P310), Ate Mina had Sausage & Mushroom Pasta (P260), and Kuya’s was Lechon Rice (P250). They also got Cheesecake Bibingka (P140/slice).

My eyes widened at the sight of our food when they were served. I didn’t expect the serving would be that huge!

I first tried my mashed potatoes and it felt like my taste buds were partying inside my mouth. I loved that the gravy got lots of crispy garlic as it’s one of my most favorite flavors in the world. The texture is so smooth it just melts in my mouth. The beef tenderloin was cooked just right, my teeth didn’t have any trouble chewing it.

My sister-in-law made me try her pasta and I took a morsel of it with a couple of pieces of sausage and deym! if I were the old Rika, I would’ve ordered that, too. The pasta was cooked perfectly. The sauce was well-seasoned and I liked that it wasn’t too rich or thick. The sausage was flavorful I could taste the spices, and I liked that it wasn’t too strong. There are sausages kasi that have umay factor.

Now the Lechon OMG! The skin was thin and super crispy! Tapos the meat was soooo soft my fork sank right into it and it kind of just melted in my mouth. The vinegar pa, sooobrang sarap, it reminded me of achara.

Now, the highlight of the day – the CHEESECAKE BIBINGKA. Dude, you MUST give it a go when you go to Chef RV’s. I can still remember how it tasted and how it felt in my mouth. I battled with myself whether or not I should get another slice for takeout. Well, I didn’t, but I also regretted not buying one hahaha! All I thought about on our way home was the creamy texture of the cheesecake, the bits of cheese and coconut, as well as the salted egg.

I was really glad Kuya and Ate Mina chose to dine there. Everything we had was worth our Sickles. I wanna go back na and try the other stuff on their menu! I’m thinking of having the Gourmet Tuyo Pasta next time, and perhaps the Hot Toblerone Chocolate, that I initially wanted to order that day, will be available next time I go back.

Gora na kayo if you haven’t!

Thanks for reading! I hope I didn’t make you hungry… Actually, I do hope so! ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿคค


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