Make #SkinCareResolutions with the new Face Republic Pureprep Trio | #RixSkinCareWednesdays

Last January 24th and 25th, Face Republic launched their newest collection called the Pureprep Trio. It’s a “set of three skincare products that’s clean, customizable, and compatible”.

The two-day launch party was held at Bonifacio High Street and was graced with the presence of the CEO himself Mr. Yohan Kim, actress/vlogger Kristel Fulgar, and some known influencers. The son of Senator Manny Pacquiao, Jimuel Pacquiao, was also there on the first day.

I was able to attend the event – thanks to Charis – on the second day, the 25th. I went there with my good friend Kate, fellow Charis Celeb Clare, and a couple of other friends Anne and Mariel.

The venue was packed with guests. Some of them were in the lounge where they could be the DJ and add songs to the playlist that would be enjoyed by everyone.

The guests could compose their flat lays with the Pureprep Trio at the Mix and Match room.

There was also the Hashtag Wall, where they could hang their printed photos.

The Assessment room was where the guests could have a closer look at their skin using special tools, and get skincare advice from an expert. Though I wanted to give it a go, I decided to skip it as the queue was pretty long.

Of course, everyone could enjoy aperitifs and free-flowing drinks. My friends and I had gin tonic and lemonade.

There was a Resolutions Wall where anyone could share their own skincare resolutions for 2020.

Thanks, Kate, for this lovely shot!

There was also the Vanity Room where guests could try out the Pureprep Trio.

Finally, there was a Photo Wall where we could have our photos taken and printed instantly.

The Pureprep Trio

“Pureprep Trio is a clean, customizable, and compatible skincare routine by Face Republic. Made in Korea without any Alcohol, Paraben, Benzophenone, Chlorphenesin or Fragrance – a great way to start your healthy skin journey.”

Right off the bat, you can tell that this set promotes a simple and clean skincare routine with its minimalist look.

Each variant is represented with different box colors, as well as a different look of the bottle, which helps in determining which product is which. Sky blue/white box and transparent bottle for Mild Cleansing Water; turquoise/white box and frosted bottle for AHA/BHA Toner; and blue-green/white box and white opaque bottle for pH-balancing Toner.

I love the whole aesthetics of this set – simple yet classy.

As one of the attendees, I got to take home my own set. It also came with a booklet where my skincare routine could be recorded.

You can get the set for P1,197 (from its retail price of P1,500) on my Charis shop, but they can also be purchased individually on Lazada. I suggest that you get the set since they all work so well together. It’s also great that I was able to incorporate them into my usual skincare routine.

Mild Cleansing Water ♥ P299
160 mL

Never, ever sleep with makeup on. Actually never, ever forget to cleanse your face before going to bed. This product removes dirt, impurities, and even makeup before washing your face with your favorite foaming cleanser.

First, soak your cotton pad with the Mild Cleansing Water and gently wipe over your face. Press on your lids or lips for a few seconds then gently swipe to remove your eye makeup or your lipstick.

If you’re wearing a super budge-proof and waterproof mascara, you may want to use a separate oil-based makeup remover to make sure your lashes are completely clean.

As for me, on days when I wear heavy makeup, I use Mild Cleansing Water after a cleansing balm. Then I wash my face with my favorite foaming cleanser.

pH-balancing Toner ♥ P399
160 mL

It is highly recommended that the skin’s pH is at its natural level of around 4.5 to 5.5. Anything higher than this is alkaline and this can cause the skin to dry out or become dehydrated. Anything lower is acidic and this can cause irritation and breakouts. So using products that are close to our skin’s natural pH level will maintain balance.

I like using this toner in the daytime as this makes my skin look brighter, fresher, and cleaner. Because it has Allantoin, it is also safe for those with sensitive skin. It soothes and reduces irritation on the skin.

It can be applied with hands, but I prefer using it with a cotton pad. The cotton pad helps remove any remaining dirt on the skin.

AHA/BHA Toner ♥ P499
160 mL

To achieve smoother skin, we need to exfoliate. Exfoliating always gives us the scary idea of our skin literally peeling off. I used to be scared of that, too, but when I realized that it’s really not like that and when I saw how great it is on the skin, I always made sure to use it more regularly.

But now more and more gentle AHA/BHA toners are created safe to be used every day. Though in my case, I only use it at nighttime, where my skin wouldn’t have direct exposure to the sun.

The AHA/BHA Toner from Face Republic is super mild that it’s safe for daily use. It has Sodium Hyaluronate that improves skin’s elasticity and makes my skin look plump and healthy. It also has Salicylic Acid that prevents acne. It contains Tocopherol (pure Vitamin E), so more antioxidants are produced eliminating free radicals that cause skin troubles.

I noticed changes in my skin in only less than a week!

And I am not exaggerating! After using the Pureprep Trio for about a week, I noticed that my face looked fresher and cleaner. The appearance of my pores is minimized and the complexion brighter. I even heard myself say, “I think I look blooming”. 🙈😍😅

I love that they’re super gentle. No harsh ingredients. No irritation and no stinging sensation. And I also love that they’re really affordable, considering that they’re from a known Korean brand and that the products are made in Korea!

Visit my Charis shop: and get your hands on the Pureprep Trio for only P1,197!

Which of these products do you think you need? Would you try the whole set? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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