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Welcome to another #RixSkinCareWednesdays post! And today, I’ll be sharing with you three very interesting products from a very interesting brand called Cremorlab.

Cremorlab is a Korean skincare brand that proudly uses T.E.N.™ Water. It comes from the pristine, thermal waters of Geumjin, a province in Korea that is known for its flourishing agriculture and healthy residents.

To know more about T.E.N.™ Water, here’s the brand story posted on Cremorlab’s website.

“T.E.N.™ Water is thermal water from Geumjin.T.E.N.™ contains rich and rare minerals alongside sea energy naturally accumulated over a long period of time. Cremorlab contains T.E.N.™ that provides the skin with intense nourishment and helps maintain moisture balance to keep it soft and youthful.

Cremorlab Thalasso Foam Spa et Cremor

This foam cleanser came with The Mineral Shield UV Protection as a gift, which I thought was really awesome as I was able to get and try two products.

According to the description, it has ocean purifying ingredients for clear skin’.

As the name suggests, this product uses thalassotherapy (the use of seawater in cosmetic and health treatment). I checked their website for the notable ingredients and here’s what I found:

It is infused with ingredients such as fango (a special mud that comes from the thermal springs in Battaglio, Italy), marine algae, and salt, that lift and eliminate the dirt accumulated throughout the day.

The guerande salt capsules are super fine that we can not feel it as it gently exfoliates the skin.

It also contains laminaria digitata and giant kelp that control sebum while balancing moisture and keeping skin hydrated.

At first, I expected the product to be white, but it turned out to be green. It has a thick consistency and has a mud-like texture. A little amount is already enough to create a foamy lather.

After rinsing it off with water, the effect was noticeable. My skin looked super clean and a lot brighter than it usually does. I really loved touching my face as it was really soft and smooth.

I think this is an excellent foam cleanser to have. Most of the ingredients are not usually seen in other products; this sets the Cremorlab Thalasso Foam Cleanser apart. It’s unique, very interesting and intriguing.

The Mineral Shield UV Protection

“T.E.N.™ Water (Geumjin Thermal Water), which comforts, protects, and emolliates the skin, and Cloud Skin Shield™, which smartly blocks both ultraviolet rays and blue light, create a strong protective layer in order to prevent skin aging, pigmentation, and dryness in the harmful city environments.”

This sun cream product also contains unique ingredients that effectively protect the skin from the harmful UV rays, while keeping the skin moisturized and luminous.

It has SPF 50+ PA++++, which means that only 2% of the rays can reach our skin because of its Sun Protection Factor of 50+. Also, this means that it offers 50 times the protection of no sunscreen. Normally our skin starts to burn after 10 minutes in full sun with no protection. So SPF 50+ means that our skin will be protected for 500 minutes and that’s more or less 8 hours, assuming that the sunscreen is applied the right way. The PA rating of ++++ means that it offers Extremely High UVA protection.

One of the most common problems encountered with sunscreen is that there is a white cast, most especially if it is also a tone up cream. With Cremorlab The Mineral Shield, it isn’t a problem since it gives a natural tone-up effect while also creating a barrier as protection from sweat and moisture.

Some of the notable ingredients are aqua ceria, which protects the skin from blue light; Arabian cotton that protects the skin from UV rays; cloudberry that improves skin tone; edelweiss that’s soothing and moisturizing; lavender which is soothing and hydrating; and Oriental tea newplex that offers skin protection and nourishment.

Another problem I have with other sunscreens is that I tend to breakout when I use them. The Mineral Shield has not caused any irritation on my skin, nor has it caused a pimple to appear.

Since it’s also a tone up cream, it evens out skin tone and makes the face look brighter. It can be used as it is or as a makeup base.

I really love that it has a thin consistency and that it’s lightweight. It’s easy to apply as it isn’t very thick or tacky. It also has a very mild scent.

For extra brightening effect, use Cremorlab Brightening Tone Up Cream.

I never used to like using tone up creams since they all looked awful on my morena skin. They’d often leave a white cast and some flaky residue on my face, particularly on the crevices and in my acne scars.

This has changed when I used Cremorlab. I love how my skin looks every time I use these products.

And can I just say that their packaging is bomb?!

Check them out on my Charis shop!

Click here for the UV Protection The Mineral Shield.

Click here for the Brightening Tone Up Cream.

Make using sunscreen a daily habit!


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