Can’t RIB without STEAKS? STACIE’S RIBS & STEAKS is the place to be! | #RixFoodieFridays

October of last year, Stacie’s Ribs & Steaks opened their doors to all meat lovers here in Laguna. I’d been meaning to visit but I had not had the chance to go until last January, a couple of days after my birthday. I went out with my mom, my brother, my sister-in-law, and two of my niblings and decided to have dinner at Stacie’s.

Stacie’s is owned by the lovely couple Mina and Ian. Ian happens to be my sister-in-law’s nephew.

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Sundate ♥️ @staciesribsandsteaks

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It was named after their cute baby girl, Stacie!

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Hello everyone from STACIE 😍

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When we got there, the place was already packed with customers. The staff was very accommodating, they assisted every customer who came in.

Nachos – P180

Ate Mina, my sister-in-law, ordered Nachos for our appetizer as we waited for our meals. Piled with lots of ground beef and smothered with cheese and some special sauces, the huge serving could suffice a hungry group of four or more.

Deym… Just looking at it makes my mouth water. 🤤

Solo with rice and sausage – P200

Since I was off rice, I gave mine to my Kuya. I should’ve taken at least a small bite just to know what their Java rice tasted like. Sayang. For only P200, you get this much rice, saucy ribs, cheesy sausage, plus a dip and a side dish.

I loooooove that the meat was super tender. The fork just sank right through and with just a tiny pull, the meat separated from the bone. Ughhh look at that sauce! It was flavorful, juicy, and soft like my mouth was chewing heaven.

As for the sausage, I liked that it was thick, meaty, and savory. 👌

Sirloin Steak – P150

This was what my mom got. Of course, she let me take a bite. Just like the ribs, their Sirloin Steak was also really soft and tender. The gravy has just the right amount of richness and saltiness.

T-bone – P120

This is what my niece ordered – T-bone! I was told that she’d often eat this every time they were at Stacie’s. It looks so appetizing that I’m now planning on getting this the next time I dine there. 😋

I realized just now that I wasn’t able to take a photo of what my Kuya and Ate Mina had that day – Rib Fiesta! Here’s an IG post from Stacie’s.

You can share it with a friend, a sibling, or your jowa. Enjoy it with Java rice, fries, or baked potatoes. Or if your tummy permits it, have them all! 😄

Go and visit Stacie’s Ribs & Steaks! Dine with your family or hang out with your friends. They also serve beer, in case you’d like to have a bevvy.

Stacie’s Ribs & Steaks is located at Unit 2 Benayah Bldg, Brgy. Dita, Sta. Rosa, Laguna where Laguna Vape Lounge used to be, right below Sorella Nail Spa.

Now me wants my riiiiibs!


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