Pink I can wear any day! | Milktouch Everyday Fitting Lip Pencil in Pink Celeb REVIEW

I am not into pink lippies. I’m not sure if it’s just me not liking how I look in them or if they just really don’t look good on me. I’d rather wear green or blue or black than wear pink.

Most pinks make my lips stand out — but not in a flattering way. Imagine yourself in a dark room and you’re wearing a glow-in-the-dark lipstick. And all people can notice are your lips.

Some pinks are too light that I tend to look pale. Some are too bright that I feel like my lips are hovering above my face. It’s just so hard to find a pink lippie that I can wear.

There are only a few pink ones that I can rock and those are the kind that have shades of red. And it always has to look more red than pink.

But I think I’ve found my kind of pink!

When picking shades, I always go for reds or plums. So when I was choosing among the four beautiful shades of Milktouch Everyday Fitting Lip Pencil, I initially wanted Berry Red. But because I’m at this point in my life where trying something new has become my ‘thing’, I went for Pink Celeb.

Brand: Milktouch - Everyday Fitting Lip Pencil
grabbed from my Charis shop

I’d say it was one of my ‘F it let’s do it’ moment.

Surprisingly when it came, I wasn’t intimidated by the color. The color of the box matches the initial packaging, as well as the product itself.

I really like how elegant it looks. The metallic rose gold cap compliments the plastic pink tube.

It makes me think of a woman in a flowy white dress, who with such sophistication, takes off her Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, places them on the table, and pulls out her Milktouch Everyday Fitting Lip Pencil out of her luxurious Chanel handbag. She gracefully glides the lipstick over her lips while she looks at the mirror of her Guerlain Les Voilettes Compact Powder.

But the real question is, does it perform well?

Here’s what they claim.

grabbed from my Charis shop

They claim that Everyday Fitting Lip Pencil has ‘semi-matte texture’, has‘vivid coloring’, is ‘long-lasting’, and has ‘no dryness, wrinkles or dead cells’.

Let’s start with the texture. It has a rich, creamy texture that makes the application smooth. It does have a matte finish when applied lightly. In full application, though, it has a rather glossy finish which I don’t mind at all since I now often go for that type of look.

When it comes to the pigmentation, I’d say that I’m impressed as the color is, indeed, vivid. One swipe can cover even the dark parts of my lips. If I want full coverage, I use the tip of the product to line my lips then the side to fill them in.

Using the lipstick as a lip stain isn’t a problem either, since it applies smoothly and blends beautifully. What I do is, I apply quite heavily in the center of my lower lip, press my lips together so that some of the product will be transferred to the upper lip, then finally blend it out using my finger.

Brand: Milktouch - Everyday Fitting Lip Pencil
grabbed from my Charis shop

The product leaves a beautiful soft stain so even though it wears off, there’s still some color left. It’s perfect for someone like me who’d rather go out without constant retouching. So yeah, for a lipstick, we can say it’s long-lasting.

grabbed from my Charis shop

This product contains Vitamin E which keeps the lips moisturized. It is important that the lip product offers protection from dryness. When our lips get dry, they tend to become flaky and/or chapped. Who wants that? I don’t. So I’m glad that Everyday Fitting Lip Pencil is as moisturizing as a lip balm.

Overall, Milktouch Everyday Fitting Lip Pencil is a product worth trying. It’s a beautiful shade that I believe suits any skin tone.

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By the way, it’s got 2.7 grams of richly pigmented product, so along with all its good points, I’d say it’s reasonably priced.

Which shade are you getting?


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