SELFCODING Lipsticks from Charis | REVIEW

This pandemic has limited every lippie junkie’s chance to wear a lipstick since they can’t flaunt it if it’s under a mask.

During the earlier days of ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine), I’d often forget that putting on a lippie was pointless and possibly messy.

But that doesn’t mean we will NEVER wear one, does it?

For homebased workers like myself, we keep at least one lip product on our desk for a quick touch up.

And these days, I prefer ones that are super comfortable as if I’m not wearing anything at all. Like these two products from SelfCodingCode : Red Soft Lipstick and Code : Crush Matte Liquid Lipstick.

SelfCoding is a new Korean makeup brand that promotes individuality and nonconformity to the beauty standards our society is imposing today; hence the name.

They offer liquid foundations, lipsticks, and eyeshadows, but this post is going to be about their lippies.

CODE : CRUSH Matte Liquid Lipstick in #Nostalgia

P540ㅣ 5.5g / 0.19 oz

“The richly delivering high colored pigment stays long time as the first applied color. The soft, matte texture with a glossless finish keep the pigmentation clear and spotless.”

#Nostalgia is a very pretty mauve-y shade that suits any look. It’s a very flattering color even when worn with or without makeup. You can easily see what it looks like straight from the box since the plastic packaging is transparent. It’s true to its color anyway, so what you see from the outside is the same as what you’ll get from the tube.

The straight applicator picks up enough product that can cover the entire lips without having to dip it again. It is super soft so it doesn’t hurt our lips as we apply the lipstick. I think the soft fluffy bristles help with the even application.

The formula is so nice that it settles so beautifully on the lips. Like it becomes one with the lips. I kid you not.

It blends great, too, so doing a natural gradient lip is a breeze. Simply apply a good amount in the center of your lower lip, press your lips together, and blend the product out with a finger or a brush. It’s got a powdery velvety texture that sets to a gorgeous matte finish.

It may not be 💯 transfer-proof, but it really does last long. The lipstick stays on even after a meal and a couple of cups of coffee.

CODE : RED Soft Lipstick in #Cherish

P650 3.5g / 0.12 oz

“The Code Red lipstick expresses its color richly and covers up the dead cells effectively. So it makes you possible to express various make-up method from natural gradiation to full lip also.”

Just like their matte liquid lipstick, CODE : RED Soft Lipstick exceeds expectations. It is also very lightweight like there’s nothing on your lips.

The lighting seems to have altered its true color. It may look brick here, but it’s not.

The shade #Cherish is an elegant plum color that is suitable on any occasion. It’s pigmented so you’ll effortlessly achieve full color. If you want just a little bit of color, simply dab the product on your lips then blend. You can layer it and still feel comfortable.

Despite it being super matte, it glides smoothly during the application. It may feel dry as you swipe it on your lips because of its matte finish, but there’s no tugging. It doesn’t dry up the lips, in fact, it keeps them moisturized.

It isn’t also 💯 transfer-proof like CODE : CRUSH Matte Liquid Lipstick, but it doesn’t affect the appearance of the product. The color stays on for hours.

If you were to ask me which one I like more, I can’t really answer that. 😅 I am currently obsessed with these two, that’s why they’re always sitting on my laptop — so I can easily grab either one of them!

I highly recommend these two products, so go ahead and check them out on my Charis store! Don’t forget to subscribe!


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