Simple quarantine makeup look but make it exra! | HICHARIS

I am really not into this whole “new normal” thing, but it is best to comply with the rules for our own safety.

So while we do that, why not we make it fun by wearing a cute mask and a simple, yet pretty makeup look that seems effortless – but well – not really! 😉

Today I thought of playing around with my new makeup (for a change!) but not really going for a full glam look. I decided on doing a natural look but I kicked it up a notch with a pair of glam faux mink lashes.

Keep on reading to see what I used. I’ll also give you a bit of information about the products as I go along.

After prepping my face with my usual skin care routine, I used the Soofe’e Phyto Birch Tree Sun Essence for my base. It has a thin and watery consistency so unlike other sunscreens, it blends a lot more easily and effortlessly. The product may be a bit greenish but it does not leave any tint on the skin. It doesn’t make the face look alien-y or ashen, and there’s no annoying white cast. I love the scent, too!

This is like sunscreen and essence in one so its SPF of 50+ PA++++ provides high protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, and the birch tree essence helps soothe, relieve, and repair tired and stressed skin.

It gives a beautiful healthy dewy glow without any tacky feeling. You may leave it as it is but if you are not into this look, you may dust it with your choice of powder. As for me, I set it with a little Pond’s Magic BB Powder.

You may get this product on my Charis shop: for only P1,030 instead of P1,100. It already has 50ml of the product with 49% of Origin Birchganic (birch tree sap + birch leaf extract). The birch trees are said to have been grown by SK Forest for 40 years on Indeung Mountain.

Next step: blush!

With the right shade and a proper amount of blush product, you can look fresh, warm, and full of life! Sometimes we put too much that may look cute in photos, but in real life, it looks like we’re having a bad case of allergies or sun burn.

Since I was aiming for a very natural effortless look, I used my Vyvyd Studio Cheek Flash Blusher in No. 6 Acid Pop. It’s a pale pink blush that’s perfect for those with lighter skin tones. Though I have medium skin tone, it doesn’t look bad at all.

The product has very tiny glittery particles that give natural radiance on the skin. It has a combination of powder and cream formula which makes it super fine and smooth that it blends seamlessly even when applied with fingers. It is said to have Artcotta-baked formula, which is a delicate process where the product is baked slowly in the oven for 10 hours!

Vyvyd Studio Cheek Flash Blusher has the prettiest packaging in my collection. It is housed in a clear acrylic compact that can pass off as a glass one. Isn’t that so fab?!

I don’t know if it’s just me but the whole look gives me that 80’s disco vibe. The logo, the ridged cover, the lightning bolt stamped on the product, and even the box make me think it’s going for that retro feels.

You may purchase this in my Charis store: for only P1,620 instead of P1,860. It’s got 4.8g which is a very good amount it can last a long time.

I know it isn’t super practical to be using a lippie these days because of our face masks, but hey, there are times when we can! Like online jobs, virtual meetings, or simply for our selfies!

And when this whole pandemic is over and we can once again rock our pretty lipsticks, we’re ready! lol

And today I wore my Black Rouge Airfit Velvet (Blueming Garden) in the shade Mango Tulip Garden. It is a reddish orange that can be flattering on any skin tone. Because of its velvety texture, it can easily be blended for an effortless faded look.

The pigmentation doesn’t disappoint either. With just a few gentle dabs on the lips, you can already get a desirable amount of coverage. Because of this, I don’t think you’ll need to sweep the applicator all over your lips. Just apply on one lip, press your lips together, clean the edges, then you’re good to go.

The consistency may be thick, but once it’s on the lips, it feels really lightweight. It’s also very moisturizing so I won’t worry about getting my lips dry or chapped.

This costs only P600 instead of P690 in my Charis store! Not a bad price for something that does not just look great, but also performs great. Check it out here:

To complete the look, I did my brows with a grey brown brow pencil, mascara for both my lashes and my brows, and a pair of glam faux mink lashes.

And that’s it! My simple quarantine makeup look with an extra kick. 😉

It may not have sunk in to many of us, but it’s already been almost half a year since we’re on lockdown. It feels like the movies, and I still can’t believe it really is happening. But we gotta do what we gotta do. We stay strong, gaiz! I believe it’s gonna end in October. Join me? Para stronger ang forces hehehe!

Anyway, take care everyone!


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