Don’t forget the eye area! | LaStella Premier Ampoule in Serum REVIEW

It is said that the skin under our eyes is the most neglected part of our face, yet it is the area that needs the most care. It’s thinner and more delicate. It is more likely to get dehydrated because it lacks oil glands. It does a lot of work throughout the day from blinking to expressing our emotions so it is more prone to aging.

Using a moisturizer is not enough and, according to some, not advisable. It’s still best to use a product that’s specifically formulated for the eyes, as some ingredients in moisturizers can be harmful. Also, our under-eye is more prone to dehydration so eye creams are made to be a lot thicker.

However, these eye creams tend to be too thick and too heavy that they cause a bit of discomfort. And sometimes, we would like something that’s light enough to be used during the day.

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Eye massages are highly important, too. We can use a tool or our ring finger to massage our eye area to improve blood circulation, reduce soreness and fine lines, and restore firmness.

We can choose from a variety of rollers to pens and from rose quartz to titanium. All of which promise to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the eye area.

So we end up buying these products separately.

Boy was I glad when I came across some eye products that already have an applicator that doubles as a massager.

LaStella Premier Ampoule in Serum

“Premier Ampoule in Serum empowers your skin to be lifted and contoured. It reduces fine lines and restores firmness.”

LaStella Premier Ampoule in Serum is an eye cream and massager in one. It is stored in a slim plastic bottle, that’s just about as thick as a huge marker, with a zamak applicator. The name zamak came from an abbreviation of the four alloying elements: zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. It is resistant to breakage and corrosion.

This product is said to use the patented technology of elasticity called the Syn-Hycan™ that boosts the hyaluronic acid in the skin. It locks in moisture that enhances elasticity and makes skin moisturized and firm.

Another patented technology called Aquacyl™ is also present in this product. It acts as a barrier so the skin stays moisturized and plump.

Real Skin Structure™ is a patented technology of formulation that strengthens the barrier of the skin around the eyes.

With its zamak applicator, we can apply the product and massage it around the eye area. Because of its cooling effect, the puffiness is reduced and the eye are is refreshed.

What I think about LaStella Premier Ampoule in Serum

Although it is said that eye creams should be thicker and heavier, I still personally prefer ones that are thinner and lightweight. That way, I can still wear it during the day, and it won’t feel uncomfortable at night. LaStella Premier Ampoule in Serum perfectly fits the description, which is why I love using this product.

It is very lightweight and unscented. I also love the fact that it already has an applicator that is not just for applying the product but also for massaging our eye area. It’s like getting two products in one.

Unfortunately, it’s now sold out in HiCharis. You can check out other products posted in my shop.

Here are some photos I took months back using LaStella Premier Ampoule in Serum

Do you use any eye products? What eye products do you use?

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