My iSkin Aesthetic Lifestyle Experience

Last Saturday I was at iSkin in BGC and that was the farthest I’d gotten in two years! It was like my reward for staying in confinement. ๐Ÿ˜„

Because of the pandemic, I can count with my ten fingers the number of times I’ve gone out, let alone an actual facial treatment. The last time was in 2020 just a few weeks before the lockdown. I took my mom and my sister-in-law to a clinic at a mall here in Laguna where they had their first facial treatment.

Last Saturday, they had their second but this time it was at iSkin Aesthetic Lifestyle in BGC. They told me that they enjoyed this experience more compared to their last. I totally get why. The place was super luxe and the people were a lot more accommodating. We were well taken care of and the entire treatment was topnotch.

I had an appointment with Ms. Lalaine Perez, who found me on Instagram. We were immediately accommodated as soon as we got there.

They followed safety protocols from wearing shoe covers to gargling mouthwash. Prior to the appointment we also filled out a Patient/Visitor Health Declaration Checklist.

We first stayed at a very cozy waiting room, which is also the same room where they give Gluta Drips.

Then we were led to the treatment room which was super clean and spacious enough so it wasn’t stuffy inside. It was very comfortable so if you wish to relax and pamper yourself, this is the place to be.

I was given a Complimentary Treatment for Ultrasonic Face Contour and Diamond Peel for myself, my mom, and my sister-in-law. But I also availed their Rejuvenating Facial for the two of them, which they were both very pleased with. And honestly, when they came out of the treatment room, they looked super fresh and their skin was a lot brighter.

I enjoyed my session, too! Especially the Ultrasonic Face Contour. I was so amazed by the instant result.

First, my aesthetician cleansed my face and gently massaged it with a very cooling cream.

Shoutout to my aesthetician, Ms. Nora, who seemed to really know and enjoy what she was doing. I just had to mention that because, unfortunately, there are aestheticians out there who are just doing it merely because that’s their job. I super loved the way she massaged different points of my face.

Anyway, after gently and skillfully massaging my face with her hands, she applied a cooling gel that also helps lift the skin. Then she used a special device to spread the gel all over my face. She explained to me that I would only feel a little pressure and that it would later feel a little warm. She gently pressed the device along the contours of my face – along the jaw and the cheek areas.

It lasted about 8 minutes for each side of the face. I swear by its effectiveness. There was an apparent change in the shape of my face. My skin lifted and the cheek and jaw areas seem to be more pronounced. The effect of one session lasts 7 days. Ms. Laine said if I wanted a deeper and a more lasting effect, a treatment they refer to as RF is recommended. The effect can last for a month.

After that, I had their Diamond Peel which was done with a pen-like device that has tiny diamond-tipped heads that exfoliate my skin. It also has a suction that sucks in all the dirt and dead skin cells being removed from the skin.

Finally, Ms. Nora applied sunblock and gave final instructions.

My sister-in-law was also amazed by it she also loved the Ultrasonic Face Contour. She loved that the whole treatment was thorough.

As for my mom, she absolutely enjoyed the extraction part and loved all the creams that were used on her face.

I’m so happy to hear that they had a wonderful experience. They even joked about almost falling asleep during the session (or were they really just joking? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜…) I’m also glad that they would love to go back for another session.

Visit iSkin Aesthetic Lifestyle at BGC Branch: ๐Ÿ“
Parkwest 7th Avenue Cor. 36th St.
BGC, Taguig City

For inquiries, call or text Lalaine Perez (Wellness Consultant)
Viber and WhatsApp 09953973001

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