Perfect Gift for your Curly Friends! | CURLS BY ZENUTRIENTS

Christmas is coming, which means Kris Kringle is here again! Have you already picked your Monito/Monita? In case you picked your resident kulot, then you’ve come to the right place!

Curls by Zenutrients has curated seven (7) Christmas sets for your curly girl or guy friends (and you, if you are, too!) and the price ranges only from P300 to P870.

Each set includes hair products and/or accessories that are essential in taking better care of our already beautiful locks.

Curls by Zen Christmas collection includes:

Confidence Set

Brave Set

Dreamer Set

Adventure Set

Diva Set

I have this one! I super love the scarf they co-created with Neon Island.

Inspired Set

Passionate Set

Why choose Curls by Zen?

Zenutrients have already been creating products that are good for all hair types. They made Curls by Zen to specifically address the needs of our curls. All ingredients are CGapproved. It does not contain silicons, sulfates, or alcohols that dry out the hair.

Their products are cruelty-free and they use natural and sustainable ingredients.

They’re locally made and they’ve partnered with local suppliers and farmers to help them thrive as well.

My personal favorites…

I super L-O-V-E their conditioners! I love their Avocado and Tea Tree Protein-Free Conditioner and Leave-in Conditioner. It’s thick and creamy so it covers and moisturizes my hair really well.

I usually use Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Conditioner for co-washing then finish it off with Curls by Zen Conditioner. After removing the excess liquid on my hair, I massage my scalp with Zenutrients Tea Tree Scalp Relief. I had scalp issues during the transition period and using Zenutrients Tea Tree Scalp Relief eased the itchiness of my scalp. Finally, I apply Curls by Zen Avocado and Tea Tree Protein-Free Leave-in Conditioner. It keeps my curls moisturized, locks in moisture, and brings out their naturally beautiful form.

Curls by Zen Avocado and Tea Tree Sulfate-free Shampoo has also helped a lot with dealing with my itchy and flaky scalp. It does not leave any residue keeping my scalp clean and fresh.

If there’s only one thing I hope they could have are products in refill packs so that I can just re-use all the bottles that I have. Also, because of the thick consistency of the products (not complaining as I love how the products are), it gets harder to dispense the product as it won’t get out of the pump even halfway through the bottle. I end up unscrewing the pump and shaking the bottle just to get the product out.

Overall, I love Curls by Zen products as they have made my hair look glorious. There are no other curly hair products that I loved so much.

Check out Curls by Zen!

Use my special code: CGRIKA10 to get 10% off for a minimum spend of only P500 on their website.

Stay updated by following their IG account: @curlnationbyzen

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