Succinic Acid: A new multi-tasking acne ingredient that you might want to have | CHARIS

To be honest, I only learned about succinic acid when I got this product from Charis called Chiyou Succinic Acid Exfoliating Toner. I found out that though this ingredient is a recent ‘buzz’ in the skincare world, it’s already been used in European countries for a long time for its medicinal properties.

Succinic acid is naturally found in amber or sugar cane that is obtained through a process of fermentation. It is said to be a multi-tasker as it not only deals with acne, but also heals scars, clears away dead skin cells from the pores, controls sebum, hydrates and softens skin, and reverses visible signs of ageing – all without irritating the skin. Though it has ‘acid’ in its name, it is not like the other chemical exfoliation where you can actually see your skin peeling away. It is said to be very gentle and safe for sensitive skin.

Chiyou Succinic Acid Exfoliating Toner


“Mild peeling toner to control sebum and clean clogged pores”

When I received the product, I was surprised by its weight. I understood why when I opened the box. The product is in a glass bottle. I find its simplicity very appealing, with its frosted glass bottle and black and white label. The box is also very simple, it gives me the impression that it’s a “no-frills” product.

Since I was using a different toner at the time I received it, I had to use this toner after a 2-day break. It is unscented, just the way I like it. It does not sting nor does it make my eyes teary. It’s very gentle.

After about a week of using it day and night, I am glad to say that I never had any breakouts or irritation. Instead, my skin is smooth and the period acne that I had at that time calmed and reduced in size.

It can be used with a cotton pad or with the palm of your hand. I prefer using a cotton pad because I like thoroughly cleansing my skin. It’s satisfying to see some residue on the cotton pad, it makes me feel like no dirt is sitting on my skin.

Don’t forget to moisturize!

Since it’s an exfoliating toner, it’s important that we follow this step with moisturizing products.

After wiping my face with Chiyou Succinic Acid Exfoliating Toner, I follow it with Charis Aqua + Serum, which has Hyaluronic acid that hydrates my skin on a deeper level; Centella Asiatica which gives my skin a soothing effect; and Ceramide NP which locks in moisture. What I really love about this serum is its light and thin consistency. It isn’t sticky when applied. Though it has fragrance, it is not too strong so I’m not bothered by it.

Next, I put on Tomotokki Eyemazing Ampoule Treatment. It specializes in the skin around the eye area, which is why it is called a “liquid eye cream”, but it is applied on the whole face like a toner. It has a light milky liquid that is not thick or sticky, so it is quickly absorbed by the skin. It is so gentle it does not irritate the eyes or the skin. It has ingredients that deal with wrinkles, dryness, and fine lines.

Then, I put on Illiyoon Probiotics Skin Barrier Essence Drop, which is like a moisturizer in milky liquid form. It has lactobacillus ferment lysate that strengthens the skin barrier, preventing further damage. It leaves my skin dewy, but not icky.

I finish it off with Mamonde Ceramide Light Cream. It is super light. It gives just the right “chok chok” effect. It has Ceramide PC-104 which effectively improves dry skin and increases water content. It also has hibiscus extract which helps the skin to retain moisture. It makes me look like a “glazed doughnut” (as Hailey Bieber would put it) before going to bed.

Even though Chiyou Succinic Acid Exfoliating Toner is hydrating, it is still best to use “reinforcement”. Use any serum, ampoule, essence, and moisturizer of your choice. It is said that succinic acid does not have any issues with other ingredients. It is also said to be safe for sensitive skin. But of course, doing a patch test is highly recommended.

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