Supporting an indie Tarot deck on Kickstarter | Corpus Femina Tarot

I’ve backed my friend’s Kickstarter project and I invite you to become a backer, too.

An aspiring artist and a Tarot enthusiast, Juvy created one of the most beautiful Tarot decks I’ve seen. She is the person behind @theindietarotproject and @thistimelessbeing. After seeing a YouTube video called “The Drawing Advice that Changed My Life”, Juvy started drawing every day for a year.

I came across a very good piece of advice from Struthless on YouTube in his video The Drawing Advice That Changed My Life. The advice was to stick to drawing one thing everyday for a year. I chose to draw the naked female form.


Below are the 22 Major Arcana cards posted on her Kickstarter. You can view the rest of the cards and the story behind them on her Kickstarter campaign.

I am supporting this project not just because she’s a very good friend of mine, but because this deck is truly a work of art. Each image is hand drawn and merged with other elements in a digital collage to create a beautiful story.

Her vision is for the cards to be printed on 350gsm art paper with soft touch matte lamination and matte black edging. If it reaches a stretch goal, it can have gold stamping on each card.

Not only that, she has designed 3 extra cards that will be revealed after reaching the funding goal.

Her funding goal is AU$ 11,111 and she’s now at about 50%. This project still has 13 days to go and with our support, we can help her vision to be realized.

You can support by:

  • getting the deck;
  • pledging any amount without a reward;
  • sharing her Kickstarter campaign so it can reach more people; or
  • have a Tarot reading from me and 100% of the energy exchange will be added to my pledge.

Please check out her Kickstarter campaign to know more about Juvy’s passion project.

Corpus Femina Tarot by The Indie Tarot Project:

I would be eternally grateful if you help me realise my goal. I would love for this deck to reach many people in the hopes that it will inspire them to go for whatever it is they want to do..
• even if it seems too ambitious, 
• or if you think you don’t have the capability, 
• or if you think you are not worthy to do such a thing.
I encourage you to bring your bright ideas to life!
And I request that you help me bring mine to the world.
Thank you!


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