About Me

Hi! I’m Rika. I was born mid ’80s in our country’s national hero’s hometown.

I’m a Potterhead (sorted into Gryffindor and Pukwudgie, my Patronus is a Black Stallion, and my wand is Alder wood with a Unicorn hair core, 10″ and Slightly Springy).

I’m a Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Libra Ascendant. In the Chinese Zodiac, I’m a Wood Rat. I’m also an INFP-T.

I’m a full-time online ESL tutor and I write product reviews as a hobby. I have worked with several brands both local and international and I am open to more collaborations!

I am also a Tarot reader and bookings for recorded and written readings are open. Check out my Tarot Services tab for more info.