Make #SkinCareResolutions with the new Face Republic Pureprep Trio | #RixSkinCareWednesdays

Last January 24th and 25th, Face Republic launched their newest collection called the Pureprep Trio. It’s a “set of three skincare products that’s clean, customizable, and compatible”.

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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon on October 6th, Guil and I went to Satchmi for CHEATS‘ Intimate Afternoon Session at Satchmi in Megamall. Jim (on vocals, keys, and guitar) didn’t want to call it an “acoustic” session, not because he was against it, but because he thought the word was too overused — which Guil and I totally agree with.

It started at 3, and I being me, arrived a bit late, which sucked of course. (I’m working on it, I swear.) They had already started when we arrived, and I missed the very song I wanted to hear and watch them play — SUMMER! Continue reading “AN INTIMATE AFTERNOON WITH CHEATS AT SATCHMI”

It’s THAT Time of the Year Again! |RAWR Awards 2018 is all-set at Le Rêve on November 14!

Last September, LionHearTV opened the nominations for 25 categories. The finalists have now been revealed and you can now vote for your favorite personalities! I’ve already started casting my votes to show support to my favorites, but of course whoever wins deserve the award. 😉

I’m so glad to share with you that I, along with my blogger friends Sab and Chelsea, am one of the blogger-partners who will be keeping you posted regarding this highly regarded event. It is such an honor to be a part of this and I’d like to thank all the people behind LionHearTV. brings back #RAWRAwards2018 on November 14, Wednesday, 6 PM at Le Rêve Pool Party Venue and Events Place. The annual award-giving body is backed up by the Filipino blogging community, particularly the entertainment blogs spearheaded by the aforementioned site.

RAWR Awards 2018 Poster.jpg
Can you spot mine, though?

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Back to KidZ at KidZania Manila!| Adober Studios Playdate

Do you still remember the time when you last laughed, without minding what other people would say about you? Can you still recall when you last played, without thinking about what you’d get if you won?

If there’s one thing from the past that we should NEVER let go of, that should be our childhood

Most of the time we are imprisoned by our responsibilities — our job, our family, the bills, and even our debts…

Sometimes arguments with the other members of the family are ignited because we tend to forget that we, too, were once a child.

When did you last feel genuinely happy? To be honest, I don’t remember either.

So why don’t we just take a pause. Rewind. And go back to being kidZ. Even just for a day.

Last Saturday the 29th, I was one of the lucky Adobers to have been given the opportunity to attend the Adober Studios Playdate event at KidZania Manila. Each of us was allowed to come with our +1! Initially, I thought of taking Titus since he was the only one among our boys who had not been there. Then I thought, he still had a chance naman since he’s only thirteen. Continue reading “Back to KidZ at KidZania Manila!| Adober Studios Playdate”

The Art of Being Part of Art | Adventures in Art in Island with Wish Card and 1K Solutions!

Art seems to have a huge part of my life. My Tatay may not have been an artist by profession, but at least, he was an artist at heart. He was the go-to for everyone who needed signages for their shops, decals for their jeepneys, or college projects that could be worth an uno. He was a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ as he could literally just do so many things with his hands. I sometimes imagine what it would be like had he known Guil.

Guil‘s a freelance artist and is 1/3 of The Mighty Bhutens – a group of Baguio-based artists who specialize in tile mosaic art. He paints, prints shirts, builds, creates, and so many others.

I may not be an artist myself… I may not know a lot of stuff about art, but it is something close to my heart.

So imagine my delight when Titus and I were inside Art in Island last Saturday, the 22nd! It was super fun and it made everyone – including me – release the “inner child”. Continue reading “The Art of Being Part of Art | Adventures in Art in Island with Wish Card and 1K Solutions!”

COSMO Beauty Block 2018 was so LIT!💡🎇

Beauty cons, for beauty junkies, are like toy cons for the kids and kids-at-heart. Who will say no to freebies or discounts or inspirational beauty talks with experts and famous celebrities?

Cosmo Beauty Block was already on their third year. The first one was held at SM Megamall last August 27, 2016, and this year’s Cosmo Beauty Block was held on the 25th, also of August, at the SMX Convention Center.

In Cosmopolitan‘s Facebook group, General Admission tickets were given away to members and their friends. But if anyone wanted to get freebies, vouchers, and a chance to have a meet and greet with Heart Evangelista-Escudero, they might wanna purchase the VIP ticket since it was worth P300 only. So, I thought, if I were to go, then it would be better if I could have stuff to bring home, right? Continue reading “COSMO Beauty Block 2018 was so LIT!💡🎇”

My First EVER Laser Treatment at SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE – PART 1 (The Launch)

On August 18th, I had the privilege of attending and celebrating the launch of the newest aesthetic clinic in the Philippines –  SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE. (Special thanks to my dear friend Chelsea Sayo! )

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it on time and arrived when the ribbon-cutting was already finished. Beauty v/bloggers and influencers were present at the event, as well as the owner’s close friends. Good music was playing and delicious food was served.

We were given the chance to look around and I was really impressed by the sophistication of the whole place. Continue reading “My First EVER Laser Treatment at SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE – PART 1 (The Launch)”

PHOTO DIARY #2: Colourette X Boss Babes Brunch

Date: May 19, 2018, Sat
Location: Early Bird Breakfast Club, Eastwood Mall, QC

The amazing people behind my favorite local makeup brand created a Facebook community called “Boss Babes”. Among many makeup groups on Facebook, Colourette X Boss Babes has quickly become everyone’s favorite because of its friendly atmosphere. It is where you’ll see members uplifting other members through compliments, advice, recommendations, and words of empowerment. It is where they can share their selfies freely without any fear of getting harshly criticized.

Ms. Nina and Ms. Sab, the Big Boss Babes of the brand, came up with the idea of dedicating a new collection to the Boss Babes called Velvet Mattes. To make it even more exciting, they held a very special meet and greet with 10 of the Colourette Clique members. Just in case you have no idea what Colourette Clique is, it’s a group of social media influencers  who represent the brand. Ms. Nina asked us who we’d love to meet in person. I was so happy that most of the people I chose were included in the final list.

When Ms. Nina finally dropped the bomb, I really made it a point that I had to be there no matter what. In order for us to secure a slot, we had to be one of the first 50 to purchase all three shades (freebies included), which were going to be available on their website at 9 PM of the 15th.

All the Boss Babes were glued to the computers and smartphones, constantly refreshing their browsers to check if they were already up. However, it was not even 9 PM yet when their website kept crashing! So a few minutes after 9, Ms. Nina immediately created a thread in the group where we could secure a slot. I even commented on the wrong post haha! Luckily, Dang mentioned me in the right thread.

So May 19 finally came! Woot Woot!

Most photos are raw; the others were edited in Snapseed. All photos were taken with my Acer Liquid X2.

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