Simple quarantine makeup look but make it exra! | HICHARIS

I am really not into this whole “new normal” thing, but it is best to comply with the rules for our own safety.

So while we do that, why not we make it fun by wearing a cute mask and a simple, yet pretty makeup look that seems effortless – but well – not really! 😉

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SELFCODING Lipsticks from Charis | REVIEW

This pandemic has limited every lippie junkie’s chance to wear a lipstick since they can’t flaunt it if it’s under a mask.

During the earlier days of ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine), I’d often forget that putting on a lippie was pointless and possibly messy.

But that doesn’t mean we will NEVER wear one, does it?

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ALTHEA KOREA K-beauty Haul! #AltheaTurns5

Hey, there! It’s been a long time since I did a haul post and what better way to do it than opening up and showing you what’s inside my pink box of happiness!

I’ve been a suki since 2016 when I purchased my first favorite primer – the Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer. And just recently, Althea celebrated their 5th birthday!

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Make #SkinCareResolutions with the new Face Republic Pureprep Trio | #RixSkinCareWednesdays

Last January 24th and 25th, Face Republic launched their newest collection called the Pureprep Trio. It’s a “set of three skincare products that’s clean, customizable, and compatible”.

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My Holy Grail Mascara! | EUNYUL Night View Long Lash Mascara Review

If you’re looking for an affordable mascara that actually works, then thank yourself you clicked on this. This is the best – like THE BEST I’ve tried so far – I can finally say I have found my holy grail.

Now, what makes it my holy grail? Keep reading! 😄

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5 Facial Gadgets for Younger Looking Skin

I really should not be so surprised if people in this day and age get so obsessed with beauty gadgets. In the past, there were actually much weirder ones that were used by both men and women to improve their looks. There was one that corrected the shape of the nose and the mouth, an octopus looking one that could perm the hair, and some bizarre face masks that promised to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles. There was actually an electric face massager that resembled my LED mask (honestly, I think it looked more like Jason in Friday the 13th).

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A Sweet Reward from Althea | 16 Brand BrickIt Shadow Kit

Last Christmas holiday, Althea rewarded their Angels with a new product from 16 Brand. One of 16 Brand’s products is the Eye Magazine, which is their two-tone eyeshadow that enables you to apply two shades in one sweep.

Image result for 16 brand eye magazine

I haven’t tried it yet, but thanks to my Althea Guardian Angels, I was able to try a 16 Brand product. It’s their eyeshadow palette that can be mistaken for a Hershey’s chocolate bar! I’ll tell you more about it so I hope you keep reading!

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Beginner-friendly Soft Glam Makeup for Valentine’s | ALTHEA MAKEUP

If you’ve been consumed by the K-beauty world for years, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Althea Korea. It is an online haven for Korean makeup and skin care, catering different brands until they came up with their own Exclusives line. Starting from their Petal Velvet Powder to their Milk Peel Cream Mask, they have finally entered the world of makeup!

Being a makeup enthusiast, I can never be too thrilled to try their new babies! But before we dive to the tutorial, let me show you first what the products look like.

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