My favorite local cleansing balm – SKIN POTIONS Melt Away Marmalade

Hi! It’s #RIXYouTubeTuesdays once again! And in the spotlight today is my favorite local cleansing balm – Skin Potions Melt Away Marmalade!

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ELLANA Minerals OG/BB Foundie REVIEW ㅣ #RIXYouTubeTuesdays

Helloooo there! How are you all doing so far?

Today’s Tuesday and it’s the day for sharing one of my videos on YouTube because why not?

For today’s #RIXYouTubeTuesdays, I’m sharing my review of, by far, the best liquid foundation in the local market — ELLANA MINERALS OG/BB FOUNDIE!

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#DontTouchYourFace Challenge with ELLANA MINERALS

Hello! How’s everybody doing? I know it’s been pretty crazy with COVID-19 and many of us have been stricken with fear.

Now, let me first share with you what I’ve recently learned. (Thanks to @thistimelessbeing for sharing it!) Since the coronavirus seems to target those with chronic diseases and compromised immune systems, it is believed that the best we can do is to stay calm and healthy.

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I customized my own lippie! | #Lab2Love Customized Cosmetics by Ellana Minerals

Hello, how’s your Monday going? It’s been ages since I last wrote anything beauty related and I am more than excited to tell you about today’s topic. I’m sure 90% of you are reading this because of the title. Also, you’re probably a lipstick junkie and are very much interested in customizing your own shade. If yes, then being here is one of the best decisions you made today. 😉By the way, if you were to create your own lippie, what shade would it be and what would you name it?

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This local skin care is just as good as a K-beauty product!

And so I’ve often heard, that once we’ve experienced K-beauty, we will never turn our backs. I, myself, am guilty of being a K-beauty addict as most of the products that I smother my face with are Korean. Although there are a few local brands that I love and am loyal with, my heart beats for K-beauty.

Now what makes K-beauty special? Why are we so in love with them? Does it have anything to do with our K-pop or drama idols? Although that may be the case, I can say that the main reason we get so into them is that they are gentle, mostly made with natural ingredients, and they deliver!

As a late bloomer in all this beauty shebang, I had lost all hope in improving my skin. I’ve tried rejuv sets, facial treatments, and a lot of commercialized products. I kept jumping from one product to another because none of them did any good on my skin. Even some acne gels that promised to get rid of acne the next day only made it worse! Thank goodness I met K-beauty.

But what if a local brand performs just as good as our beloved K-beauty?

I am so excited to tell you about the brand called In Her Element and the two products that they have sent over for me to try and review. As you know, I always give my honest opinion whether the product is bought with my own money or is sent by a brand. So rest assured, all the information you’ll read here is entirely based on my experience.

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Top 10 Local Makeup Products that Stood Out in 2018

If my observation’s correct, 2018 marks the time when local brands stepped up their makeup game in terms of formula, packaging, and variety. A bunch of new brands came out and most of them were by celebrities; while the already existing brands finally started keeping up with the current trend.

However, not every product released created a spark. Some were hot, others flopped. So for today’s post, I’m sharing with you my Top 10 local makeup products that stood out in 2018. I based my list on my personal experience and the people’s reception.

So here it goes…

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