Do NOT purchase this Glam Pouch #sorrynotsorry

Last time I availed of a subscription box was back in 2016. It was also around Christmas season when promos were too tempting to ignore. Click here to know why I never subscribed to them again (like EVER).

A few months ago, a new shop on Instagram was launched. They offer glam pouches that contain 4-5 beauty items, which you can purchase once or every month. Their IG posts are really enticing as most of them show Sunnies Face Fluffmattes, which are undoubtedly the hottest lippies in the country.

They even formed a beauty community on Facebook where members can share or ask anything that’s beauty related. They also created their own group of ambassadors who were supposed to receive pouches from them to promote them on social media. They seemed really promising, the people behind them seemed nice, but what pulled my trigger is what I found in my pouch. I could tolerate the delay, though that alone was already disappointing.

Still have no idea what it is? Keep on reading.

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Achieve pimple-free skin with NATURE SKIN SECRETS The Bubbly Carbonated AHA Oxygen Mask

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Pinoy Finds Fridays and for today, I’ll be featuring a product from one of my trusted local skin care brands — NATURE SKIN SECRETS.

As you may already know, Nature Skin Secrets is owned by Hot Babe herself, Ms. Maui Taylor. She’s been so nice and generous to me that she has, once again, shared a couple of her products, for me to try and review. So far, all the products that I’ve tried have had positive results, which is why the brand has quickly won my heart — aside from the fact that the person behind it is so humble and wonderful. ❤

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Sometimes, all you need is a little magic!|BEAUTY CAULDRON Draught of Peace | #RIXreviews

Before you think of concocting Amortentia just because your acne’s flaring up and you want your crush to notice you, read this first. Well… Today, this post will make you think you had a few drops of Felix Felicis because I’ll be sharing with you a potion that will change your life. Nope, I’m not trying to cast an Imperius Curse on you. You can even tip a few drops of Veritaserum in my coffee and I’ll tell you the same thing. So read on, and get enlightened as if I casted Lumos Maxima. It’s not going to be like Gilderoy Lockhart, trying to deceive you. I’m sorry if I secretly used Legilimens on you, I came to find out what you saw in the Mirror of Erised. All you wanted was to clear your face from your acne, no matter how long or how many vials of potion it might take. You can relax now, I’m here for you. Don’t worry about the Nargles, I wear my Butterbeer cork necklace all the time. 😉

Muggles might think I’m crazy, like “what in Merlin’s beard is she talking about?!” But all you witches and wizards out there #CANRELATE. But okay, don’t worry, this review is going to be MUGGLE FRIENDLY. 😋

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What comes to mind when you think of the word “gold”Ako… Something expensive… Valuable… Bongga! It also reminds me of the gold bars that are mined in cartoons and when a miner finds one, he yells “GOOOOLD!”

gold miner

I’ve used gold eye patches, gold sheet masks, gold primer oil, and something that’s also from Nature Skin Secrets — Gold Collagen Mask! I’ve posted a review of that, so if you fancy a read, please click here.

I’ve been seeing this golden serum all over Instagram and it has become one of Nature Skin Secrets‘ best selling products. Even known bloggers and YouTubers Lyn and Karen have given it a positive feedback; they actually love it! Now that I’ve tried it, I now know why. Continue reading “#RIXREVIEWS: NATURE SKIN SECRETS Golden Glow Serum”

My First EVER Laser Treatment at SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE – PART 2 (The Treatment)

In my previous post, I shared with you what went down at the launch of Substance Laser & Skin Care. I mentioned that we were given a box of goodies, and one of those was a voucher that entitled me to a free laser treatment.

suuuuper rarely go to clinics and honestly, Substance is only the second one I’ve been to. The first time I had a facial treatment was way back 2016 at a popular aesthetic clinic.

I spoke to Ms. Rizza through phone to book me an appointment with Dr. Andrea Mendoza and I was scheduled at 4:00 on the 27th. When I got there, I was greeted by the friendly staff, as well as the owner herself. Jill was super warm and welcoming that I easily felt comfortable around her (I was still super shy, though.)

As soon as I got there, they handed me a form and explained that the form was for them to know about my skin condition, my background – whether I suffer from any illness and what products I’ve used. It’s also for them to keep a record of their clients for future treatments.

Once I’ve completed the form, I was directed to the Consultation area and talked with Dr. Andrea Mendoza. To be very honest, it was my first time having a proper consultation with a licensed dermatologist. That day, I had an active pimple above my upper lip and some pimple marks from the previous breakouts. I explained that I got the one on my forehead prior to my period, and the others on my jaw and brows when I failed to do my skin care routine and fell asleep with my makeup on. She asked me about the products I use and whether my routine includes a night cream. Continue reading “My First EVER Laser Treatment at SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE – PART 2 (The Treatment)”

My First EVER Laser Treatment at SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE – PART 1 (The Launch)

On August 18th, I had the privilege of attending and celebrating the launch of the newest aesthetic clinic in the Philippines –  SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE. (Special thanks to my dear friend Chelsea Sayo! )

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it on time and arrived when the ribbon-cutting was already finished. Beauty v/bloggers and influencers were present at the event, as well as the owner’s close friends. Good music was playing and delicious food was served.

We were given the chance to look around and I was really impressed by the sophistication of the whole place. Continue reading “My First EVER Laser Treatment at SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE – PART 1 (The Launch)”

USAPANG KILI-KILI with SKIN KLARITY’s Total Care Underarm Kit

Sweaty armpits? Nakakadiyaheng B.O. (body odor)? Dark secrets?

If all your answers were YESes, read on.

Last August 4th, I had the privilege to join beautiful bloggers and beauty enthusiasts at the soft launch of a new local skin care brand called SKIN KLARITY. I was invited by Ai Zel, one of my pretty friends; and despite the location of the venue, I gladly and immediately said yes!

The company owners Ms. Cheryl and Sir Mark shared their interesting journey with Skin Klarity. They said it all started with Ms. Cheryl’s own issues, particularly sweating. They couldn’t find the perfect product, so they thought, “Why not make our own?” Continue reading “USAPANG KILI-KILI with SKIN KLARITY’s Total Care Underarm Kit”

My Best Friend and I Tested Out Pinoy Whitening Soaps | The Opulence Skin

Remember when I received a box of goodies from Opulence Skin Philippines? You can read my post here.

They generously gave me three variants of their whitening soap – the Ultra White Protect Glycolic Peel Whitening Soap, the Ultra White Protect Skin Clarifying Soap, and the Ultra White Protect Charcoal Detox Whitening Soap. I had my childhood best friend, May, whom I call Gerpren, try the Ultra White Protect Skin Clarifying Soap.

May and I were never lady-like or kikay. We were both too lazy to keep up with skin care routines, that’s why we consider ourselves “late bloomers” in the skin care category. We never trusted any whitening products since none of the ones we tried really showed any difference, that’s why we stuck to what we were already used to – regular bath soaps. (Hello, Safeguard!) Continue reading “My Best Friend and I Tested Out Pinoy Whitening Soaps | The Opulence Skin”


Who else here loves a good sale? 🙋‍♀️

Thanks to great deals from Lazada and Colourette, I managed to score three of the latest products from Colourette for a much lower price! I’ve been a fan since 2016 and (I know I’ve said it too many times before, but just in case you don’t know) the first Colourstick that really got me was Bethany. I’ve shared about small collection in my older post, which you can read here.

Now they’ve expanded their line from lip products to face products. They’ve also released their eyeshadow palette and though I thought the palette is pretty, I still haven’t gotten my hands on it. Luckily, Ms. Nina, founder and CEO, announced that the Peach Purrfect Palette is making a comeback!  So if you’re one of those who missed it the last time, you can have the chance soon!

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