I customized my own lippie! | #Lab2Love Customized Cosmetics by Ellana Minerals

Hello, how’s your Monday going? It’s been ages since I last wrote anything beauty related and I am more than excited to tell you about today’s topic. I’m sure 90% of you are reading this because of the title. Also, you’re probably a lipstick junkie and are very much interested in customizing your own shade. If yes, then being here is one of the best decisions you made today. 😉By the way, if you were to create your own lippie, what shade would it be and what would you name it?

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“My Skin But Better” with Semi-Permanent BB Glow Pearl Treatment | The Beauty Studio

Last Saturday the 9th, I experienced my first ever semi-permanent makeup at The Beauty Studio! It was done by the owner herself, Ms. Paula Asis, a professional makeup artist who also specializes in facial treatments and semi-permanent makeup. It was a joy having met her, a lovely woman who radiates bright aura. ✨

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What’s Up? Wish App?! | Wish 107.5 is Now on Mobile!

Hey, Wishers! Your favorite radio station can now be with you wherever you go! Wish 107.5 is finally available on mobile! You can enjoy your favorite music anytime of the day.


I am more of a rock/alternative kind of person, but I still have my mellow moments, too. When I’m in that mood, I always tune in to Wish 107.5. The song selections really touch the heart, especially when they play my old school favorites from the 80’s and the 90’s.

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Back to KidZ at KidZania Manila!| Adober Studios Playdate

Do you still remember the time when you last laughed, without minding what other people would say about you? Can you still recall when you last played, without thinking about what you’d get if you won?

If there’s one thing from the past that we should NEVER let go of, that should be our childhood

Most of the time we are imprisoned by our responsibilities — our job, our family, the bills, and even our debts…

Sometimes arguments with the other members of the family are ignited because we tend to forget that we, too, were once a child.

When did you last feel genuinely happy? To be honest, I don’t remember either.

So why don’t we just take a pause. Rewind. And go back to being kidZ. Even just for a day.

Last Saturday the 29th, I was one of the lucky Adobers to have been given the opportunity to attend the Adober Studios Playdate event at KidZania Manila. Each of us was allowed to come with our +1! Initially, I thought of taking Titus since he was the only one among our boys who had not been there. Then I thought, he still had a chance naman since he’s only thirteen. Continue reading “Back to KidZ at KidZania Manila!| Adober Studios Playdate”

My First EVER Laser Treatment at SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE – PART 2 (The Treatment)

In my previous post, I shared with you what went down at the launch of Substance Laser & Skin Care. I mentioned that we were given a box of goodies, and one of those was a voucher that entitled me to a free laser treatment.

suuuuper rarely go to clinics and honestly, Substance is only the second one I’ve been to. The first time I had a facial treatment was way back 2016 at a popular aesthetic clinic.

I spoke to Ms. Rizza through phone to book me an appointment with Dr. Andrea Mendoza and I was scheduled at 4:00 on the 27th. When I got there, I was greeted by the friendly staff, as well as the owner herself. Jill was super warm and welcoming that I easily felt comfortable around her (I was still super shy, though.)

As soon as I got there, they handed me a form and explained that the form was for them to know about my skin condition, my background – whether I suffer from any illness and what products I’ve used. It’s also for them to keep a record of their clients for future treatments.

Once I’ve completed the form, I was directed to the Consultation area and talked with Dr. Andrea Mendoza. To be very honest, it was my first time having a proper consultation with a licensed dermatologist. That day, I had an active pimple above my upper lip and some pimple marks from the previous breakouts. I explained that I got the one on my forehead prior to my period, and the others on my jaw and brows when I failed to do my skin care routine and fell asleep with my makeup on. She asked me about the products I use and whether my routine includes a night cream. Continue reading “My First EVER Laser Treatment at SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE – PART 2 (The Treatment)”

My First EVER Laser Treatment at SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE – PART 1 (The Launch)

On August 18th, I had the privilege of attending and celebrating the launch of the newest aesthetic clinic in the Philippines –  SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE. (Special thanks to my dear friend Chelsea Sayo! )

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it on time and arrived when the ribbon-cutting was already finished. Beauty v/bloggers and influencers were present at the event, as well as the owner’s close friends. Good music was playing and delicious food was served.

We were given the chance to look around and I was really impressed by the sophistication of the whole place. Continue reading “My First EVER Laser Treatment at SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE – PART 1 (The Launch)”

RANT: LBC EXPRESS – A Real Party-Pooper

On the day Vice Cosmetics was launched online, I immediately purchased a lip kit and posted my review on it.

Included in the Phenomenal Lip Kit was a ticket, which I decided to giveaway on my Facebook page. I was meaning to go to the concert, but there was a change of plan. Just so the ticket wouldn’t be wasted, I decided to give it to someone who could really, really go.

A week later, I posted the winner of my mini giveaway and it was Ms. Arianna Sales. Continue reading “RANT: LBC EXPRESS – A Real Party-Pooper”