Hello, my dear internet friends! I am so sorry if I haven’t posted anything here in ages! A lot has happened. There’ve been many changes. You know? Good changes. Some of these good changes had to come out from some bad ones. It wasn’t pleasant during that time, but coming out of such situations made me understand why they all had to happen. I learned to be grateful for them, too. Someday, I’ll share some stuff I’ve gone through on this page. I know that this page focused so much on reviews about things I enjoyed – makeup, skincare, food, … Continue reading Hello!

Quick and Easy Mac & Cheese! | #RIXFoodieFridays

Here’s a five-ingredient recipe for a quick and easy Mac & Cheese, that I came up with during the lockdown. I got most of the ingredients from the nearest sari-sari store.

Some of you might have done this before (woop woop!) but for those who haven’t tried it, then this is worth the shot! Most especially if you’re like me who’s a bit on the lazy side! (ehe! 😅😬😄)

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ALTHEA KOREA K-beauty Haul! #AltheaTurns5

Hey, there! It’s been a long time since I did a haul post and what better way to do it than opening up and showing you what’s inside my pink box of happiness!

I’ve been a suki since 2016 when I purchased my first favorite primer – the Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer. And just recently, Althea celebrated their 5th birthday!

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“My Skin But Better” with Semi-Permanent BB Glow Pearl Treatment | The Beauty Studio

Last Saturday the 9th, I experienced my first ever semi-permanent makeup at The Beauty Studio! It was done by the owner herself, Ms. Paula Asis, a professional makeup artist who also specializes in facial treatments and semi-permanent makeup. It was a joy having met her, a lovely woman who radiates bright aura. ✨

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A Sweet Reward from Althea | 16 Brand BrickIt Shadow Kit

Last Christmas holiday, Althea rewarded their Angels with a new product from 16 Brand. One of 16 Brand’s products is the Eye Magazine, which is their two-tone eyeshadow that enables you to apply two shades in one sweep.

Image result for 16 brand eye magazine

I haven’t tried it yet, but thanks to my Althea Guardian Angels, I was able to try a 16 Brand product. It’s their eyeshadow palette that can be mistaken for a Hershey’s chocolate bar! I’ll tell you more about it so I hope you keep reading!

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Their matcha is so good they changed me! | Cafe Tribu Rosario Complex

I’m sure you’ve heard of Cafe Tribu and you might have visited a branch somewhere. Another Cafe Tribu opened last year in August and it’s located in Rosario Complex in Binan, Laguna. Perhaps you might be thinking, “It’s just another Cafe Tribu, what difference does it make?” Now, hold your horses, because believe me it’s not just another Cafe Tribu.

Last February 9th, Guil and I attended their Coffee Speed Date, which was a pre-Valentine event headed by the owners Ms. Camille and her mom Ms. Jenny, together with a blogger friend Hanny Simon of The Baker Wanderers. The attendees were mostly v/bloggers and it was really fun getting to know them and spending such a fun afternoon with them.

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This local skin care is just as good as a K-beauty product!

And so I’ve often heard, that once we’ve experienced K-beauty, we will never turn our backs. I, myself, am guilty of being a K-beauty addict as most of the products that I smother my face with are Korean. Although there are a few local brands that I love and am loyal with, my heart beats for K-beauty.

Now what makes K-beauty special? Why are we so in love with them? Does it have anything to do with our K-pop or drama idols? Although that may be the case, I can say that the main reason we get so into them is that they are gentle, mostly made with natural ingredients, and they deliver!

As a late bloomer in all this beauty shebang, I had lost all hope in improving my skin. I’ve tried rejuv sets, facial treatments, and a lot of commercialized products. I kept jumping from one product to another because none of them did any good on my skin. Even some acne gels that promised to get rid of acne the next day only made it worse! Thank goodness I met K-beauty.

But what if a local brand performs just as good as our beloved K-beauty?

I am so excited to tell you about the brand called In Her Element and the two products that they have sent over for me to try and review. As you know, I always give my honest opinion whether the product is bought with my own money or is sent by a brand. So rest assured, all the information you’ll read here is entirely based on my experience.

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