ELLANA Minerals OG/BB Foundie REVIEW ㅣ #RIXYouTubeTuesdays

Helloooo there! How are you all doing so far?

Today’s Tuesday and it’s the day for sharing one of my videos on YouTube because why not?

For today’s #RIXYouTubeTuesdays, I’m sharing my review of, by far, the best liquid foundation in the local market — ELLANA MINERALS OG/BB FOUNDIE!

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SELFCODING Lipsticks from Charis | REVIEW

This pandemic has limited every lippie junkie’s chance to wear a lipstick since they can’t flaunt it if it’s under a mask.

During the earlier days of ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine), I’d often forget that putting on a lippie was pointless and possibly messy.

But that doesn’t mean we will NEVER wear one, does it?

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Simple and easy Ginataang Tokwa! | #RIXFoodieFriday

During the lockdown I’ve been trying out new dishes using tofu, most of which I just came up with. They may not be new for some of you, but for some, it may be something you have not tried yet. Like the bida in today’s post – Ginataang Tokwa!

This is a very simple recipe, so anyone can do it. Definitely not for the pedantics, I’m afraid. 😅

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Quick and Easy Mac & Cheese! | #RIXFoodieFridays

Here’s a five-ingredient recipe for a quick and easy Mac & Cheese, that I came up with during the lockdown. I got most of the ingredients from the nearest sari-sari store.

Some of you might have done this before (woop woop!) but for those who haven’t tried it, then this is worth the shot! Most especially if you’re like me who’s a bit on the lazy side! (ehe! 😅😬😄)

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ALTHEA KOREA K-beauty Haul! #AltheaTurns5

Hey, there! It’s been a long time since I did a haul post and what better way to do it than opening up and showing you what’s inside my pink box of happiness!

I’ve been a suki since 2016 when I purchased my first favorite primer – the Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer. And just recently, Althea celebrated their 5th birthday!

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Pink I can wear any day! | Milktouch Everyday Fitting Lip Pencil in Pink Celeb REVIEW

I am not into pink lippies. I’m not sure if it’s just me not liking how I look in them or if they just really don’t look good on me. I’d rather wear green or blue or black than wear pink.

Most pinks make my lips stand out — but not in a flattering way. Imagine yourself in a dark room and you’re wearing a glow-in-the-dark lipstick. And all people can notice are your lips.

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#DontTouchYourFace Challenge with ELLANA MINERALS

Hello! How’s everybody doing? I know it’s been pretty crazy with COVID-19 and many of us have been stricken with fear.

Now, let me first share with you what I’ve recently learned. (Thanks to @thistimelessbeing for sharing it!) Since the coronavirus seems to target those with chronic diseases and compromised immune systems, it is believed that the best we can do is to stay calm and healthy.

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