I’m super lazy when it comes to my brows. So when I’m just going out for an errand, I just use a mascara (yup the one for the lashes) for extra volume and I’m good to go.

But when I do put on makeup, I spend a lot of time trying to get decent looking brows. The struggle is real for me!

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Beginner-friendly Soft Glam Makeup for Valentine’s | ALTHEA MAKEUP

If you’ve been consumed by the K-beauty world for years, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Althea Korea. It is an online haven for Korean makeup and skin care, catering different brands until they came up with their own Exclusives line. Starting from their Petal Velvet Powder to their Milk Peel Cream Mask, they have finally entered the world of makeup!

Being a makeup enthusiast, I can never be too thrilled to try their new babies! But before we dive to the tutorial, let me show you first what the products look like.

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Althea’s First Celebrity Collaboration! | Althea x Titi Kamal Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist

There is no fresher way to start 2019 than to write my review on the new Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist! It’s Althea’s first ever celebrity collaboration with one of Indonesia’s famous singer and actress Titi Kamal.

As you may know, Althea’s first collab was with a popular Korean TV show called Get It Beauty. The products that they came out with were two of my holy grail wash-off masks — Real Fresh Skin Detoxers in Green Tea and Rose variants. Click the buttons below to know more about these products.

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SERUM & CLEANSER in 1?! | Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser | #RIXreviews

Hey there, fellow K-beauty enthusiasts! For today’s K-beauty Wednesdays, I’ll be sharing with you one of Althea’s newest products! Althea’s been on a roll these past few weeks and I can barely breathe, gurrrrl! The thing is, there’s more to come, so hold tight as we welcome 2019!

Before I get started, how’s your holiday going so far? How did you celebrate Christmas? I had a wonderful time with my family, but I’ve been down with a cold since yesterday, so that sucks. I’m back to work now, too. Who’s with me?! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

A new Althea box arrived a couple of weeks ago and it contained two of their newest releases.

One is their first ever collaboration with a celebrity and it’s called Titi Kamal x Althea Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist. The other one is their serum cleanser, which is featured in today’s blog.

Last month, Althea made their followers guess what their upcoming product was.

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Top 10 K-Beauty Products on my Althea Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is just a few days away, and to be VERY honest with you, I don’t feel excited at all. What with all my duties and obligations, along with the wholeΒ shebang, it’s hard to find any reason to.Β (Well, of course, except for the fact that it was the chosen day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.)Β 

But hey I’m not gonna be a grinch and spoil Christmas, so I made a list of the things that I wish to have this Christmas. I have A LOT. A whole bunch of them. In different categories. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ So for the BEAUTY category, I’ll be sharing with you the Top 10 K-Beauty Products on my Althea Wishlist!

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Althea makes AHA and BHA more fun with their MILK PEEL CREAM MASK!

I started with skin care only a couple of years ago. I tried different products and looked for ones that could perfectly address my skin’s needs. I was first introduced to BHAs by my beshy Christine, when she gave me some samplers of CosRx Blackhead Power Liquid. She said that BHAs could dissolve impurities without having to extract them and damage my pores further. When I was at Substance Laser & Skin Care, one of the products that they used was lactic acid. It is one of the most popular AHAs.

AHA (glycolic acids, lactic acids, etc.) and BHA (hydroxy/salicylic acids) are exfoliants; they lift dirt and eliminate dead skin cells. AHA works on the surface of the skin. It improves the appearance, takes care of the blemishes, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps delay ageing process giving the skin a youthful look. BHA works deeper into the skin and pores. It removes excess sebum, dissolves impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads, and also removes dead skin cells.  

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I’ve been using ALTHEA PETAL VELVET SUNAWAY for two months now and this is what I think…

A couple of months ago, my Althea box was delivered to my doorstep. The box contained their newest product at that time: theΒ Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway. They also included all three shades of their Petal Velvet Powder and a cute holographic pouch.

I wore Sunaway almost every day since I got it, and used it with the Petal Velvet Powders. I was really satisfied with how both products worked despite the humidity. My review was posted on my channel:

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K-Pop Idol Loves Althea x Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxers!

It seems that everyone has fallen in love with Althea’s Real Fresh Skin Detoxers! Even K-Pop idol Jeong Hwa of EXID adores them!

“Rose Pack for smooth skin texture”

The Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is Althea’s collaboration with Korea’s top beauty show called Get It Beauty. It is a 10-second mask-to-cleanser skin care product that makes everyone’s beauty routine easier, quicker, yet effective. It has two variants — Rose and Green Tea, the former for daytime and the latter for nighttime. Continue reading “K-Pop Idol Loves Althea x Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxers!”

Dear Klairs: A Love Letter

Dear Klairs,

Hi! You might be wondering who I am, so let me introduce myself. My name is Rika, 33, and is someone who was in dire need of your help.

I had been seeing you all over the internet, and I had always thought you were beautiful and classy. Most of the people who have met you only had good words about you. So I wished to the skin care gods to allow me to meet you.

It was as if the skin care gods had heard my prayers, an Angel by the name of Syahira told me I’d be meeting you at last! And now that you are with me, I can say that you have been added to the most special place in my heart. You make me feel young again.

I’m glad I met you.



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