Their matcha is so good they changed me! | Cafe Tribu Rosario Complex

I’m sure you’ve heard of Cafe Tribu and you might have visited a branch somewhere. Another Cafe Tribu opened last year in August and it’s located in Rosario Complex in Binan, Laguna. Perhaps you might be thinking, “It’s just another Cafe Tribu, what difference does it make?” Now, hold your horses, because believe me it’s not just another Cafe Tribu.

Last February 9th, Guil and I attended their Coffee Speed Date, which was a pre-Valentine event headed by the owners Ms. Camille and her mom Ms. Jenny, together with a blogger friend Hanny Simon of The Baker Wanderers. The attendees were mostly v/bloggers and it was really fun getting to know them and spending such a fun afternoon with them.

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CAFEGRAPHY: It’s quality over quantity for Laguna’s photography-themed café

The coffee industry has taken off and social media has been bombarded with photos of coffee cups on which their names were written and were often misspelled. There may be more than tens of thousands of coffee shops in the Philippines, and still growing. It wasn’t much of a thing from where I live, but now more and more cafés and diners are starting to sprout and are quickly becoming a hit.


Although these cafés offer almost the same items on the menu, it’s the taste, the cooking, and the presentation that will make one stand out from the others. But in my opinion, it’s initially the concept that attracts the people.

On Maginhawa Street, which is a haven for foodies, my favorite would be the Harry Potter themed cafe. In White Plains, it would be the café library owned by my favorite celebrity/blogger/band vocalist.

Here in Laguna, there’s a café that’s perfect for those who are into coffee and photography. Currently located near University of Perpetual Help System in Biñan, Laguna, Cafegraphy has been a favorite rendesvouz of college students. Prior to that, they used to be near Pavilion, but now they’re in a bigger place and can accommodate about fifty people or more. Continue reading “CAFEGRAPHY: It’s quality over quantity for Laguna’s photography-themed café”