Althea makes AHA and BHA more fun with their MILK PEEL CREAM MASK!

I started with skin care only a couple of years ago. I tried different products and looked for ones that could perfectly address my skin’s needs. I was first introduced to BHAs by my beshy Christine, when she gave me some samplers of CosRx Blackhead Power Liquid. She said that BHAs could dissolve impurities without having to extract them and damage my pores further. When I was at Substance Laser & Skin Care, one of the products that they used was lactic acid. It is one of the most popular AHAs.

AHA (glycolic acids, lactic acids, etc.) and BHA (hydroxy/salicylic acids) are exfoliants; they lift dirt and eliminate dead skin cells. AHA works on the surface of the skin. It improves the appearance, takes care of the blemishes, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps delay ageing process giving the skin a youthful look. BHA works deeper into the skin and pores. It removes excess sebum, dissolves impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads, and also removes dead skin cells.  

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I’ve been using ALTHEA PETAL VELVET SUNAWAY for two months now and this is what I think…

A couple of months ago, my Althea box was delivered to my doorstep. The box contained their newest product at that time: the Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway. They also included all three shades of their Petal Velvet Powder and a cute holographic pouch.

I wore Sunaway almost every day since I got it, and used it with the Petal Velvet Powders. I was really satisfied with how both products worked despite the humidity. My review was posted on my channel:

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Turns Out Some Wishes Do Come True

Helllloooo, my super friends! It’s been 25 days since my last post (Whoah. I didn’t realize it was already that long. Sorry for being gone for a while!). I took a little break from writing due to some crazy shiz, but I’ve got looooads in store for you! I’ll be posting soap review that I did with Gerpren May, my childhood best friend. More reviews coming your way and some throwback stories that I failed to post on time. 😅

But today’s post is an uber special one, I can’t even believe myself! Not just because it’s my first after 25 days, but also because of something I had wished for and was finally granted.

Back in the day, when Friendster was still the coolest thing on social media, I started creating my very first blog. That was where I expressed random stuff, particularly thoughts that I could never voice out. Some of them were my frustrations, but others were motivation for myself.

Then Friendster officially “signed out”, so goodbye first blog.

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A couple of months ago, Althea held the Petal Velvet Powder Selfie Contest where they’d be choosing 10 lucky winners of $50 worth of Althea shopping credits. Thanks to my girl Christine (@theglamourhour) for making me join. Had she not, I wouldn’t have had this rare opportunity!

The $50 shopping credits appeared on my Althea account on October 31st, as promised by one of their “pixies”. Prior to this, I had already picked all the items I wanted to get and added them all to cart. (The winners were announced beginning of October.) By the time I was ready to check out, some of the items had already been out of stock. So I had to go through their vast ocean of amazing Korean skin care and makeup products again.

Thanks again to my beshy Christine, I learned that I could use Althea’s Halloween promo code at that time to get 13% discount. So, yep! I got to pick more items just to use up all P2,600 ($50) credits.

Had it not been for the shopping credits and the promo code, I would’ve paid P3,194! I got a discount of P415.22 so I only had to pay P178.78.

The best part? I only had to wait 10 days! They’ve been consistent, by the way. This was the third time I purchased from them, and I have never been disappointed. They shipped out my parcel on the 1st of November, and it was delivered to my doorstep today, the 11th. No problems with ‘croicky’ Customs.

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