Is Hello Gorgeous Mermaid Cult just a REPACKAGED Focallure Eyeshadow Palette?

Okay. Before you begin, let me just say that these are MY thoughts. I am posting this because I am GRAVELY curious and I want to know if any of you have noticed the same.

If you’re really willing to read this, okay PUSH, ‘TEH!


Despite my desire of getting over-the-top highend brands, as a budgetarian beauty enthusiast mudra, I look for good eyeshadow palettes that are within my budget.

I know dupes are quite controversial, because the original brands didn’t work hard on their concept just to be copied by other smaller brands. But I, myself, am guilty of getting dupes because I also want to experience some makeup items without having to splurge.

Dupes, by the way, are different from knock-offs. The latter is an actual replica of a particular item – from the box to the logo to the shades. They are usually made by unknown companies, that’s why they’re unsafe since you can’t get any information on the manufacturer. In case something bad happens, you won’t know who to go after.

Dupes are usually created by smaller indie companies, whose color story may be similar to a high end product, but bearing different shade names, palette name, and design.

I got really excited when more and more local companies started coming out with their makeup lines. One of these companies is Hello, Gorgeous! I discovered their IG account when I was looking for a rainbow highlighter. I bought their Rainbow Dash Eyeshadow and Highlighter compact, then later purchased their cute Unicorn Brush Wash. Continue reading “Is Hello Gorgeous Mermaid Cult just a REPACKAGED Focallure Eyeshadow Palette?”

Unboxing: The LAST SC Beauty Box (Spendless Cosmetics) in the Philippines?!

Last year in December, I got my first SC Beauty Box during an event at the YouTube Lounge at Greenbelt. It was Say Tioco’s meet and greet. Prior to that, I had already subscribed to a 1-year plan. But in January, the SC PH team announced that they had to stop operations (for reasons I will not disclose). I was sad, of course, because it was the only affordable subscription box I found to be worth spending on. Some products in the box were not available in the Philippines.

Then this year in June, I saw that their FB page is still active, as well as their website. They had a promo, at that time, where they’d give a free BYS Nude palette when you subscribe to a plan. So I went over to their page and subscribed to their Savers Box, which was the cheapest one, priced at only about $10. I placed my order and checked out via PayPal; I used my GCash Mastercard to activate recurring payments.

According to them, I would receive the free eyeshadow palette on my third box AND that my June box would arrive in July. Come July, but not my box. Another payment was deducted, so that was when I started getting worried. But still, I graciously waited. Continue reading “Unboxing: The LAST SC Beauty Box (Spendless Cosmetics) in the Philippines?!”