I did my facial skincare routine on my underarm and this is what happened

I know it’s not just me, but a lot of us would rather keep our pits hidden so as to save our faces from embarrassment. I’ve used several underarm whitening products, and while some of them showed positive results, a lot of them barely even worked.

I’d end up blaming the product for not being as effective as they were claimed to be, not thinking of the condition of my underarm skin.

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USAPANG KILI-KILI with SKIN KLARITY’s Total Care Underarm Kit

Sweaty armpits? Nakakadiyaheng B.O. (body odor)? Dark secrets?

If all your answers were YESes, read on.

Last August 4th, I had the privilege to join beautiful bloggers and beauty enthusiasts at the soft launch of a new local skin care brand called SKIN KLARITY. I was invited by Ai Zel, one of my pretty friends; and despite the location of the venue, I gladly and immediately said yes!

The company owners Ms. Cheryl and Sir Mark shared their interesting journey with Skin Klarity. They said it all started with Ms. Cheryl’s own issues, particularly sweating. They couldn’t find the perfect product, so they thought, “Why not make our own?” Continue reading “USAPANG KILI-KILI with SKIN KLARITY’s Total Care Underarm Kit”

BOTTOMS UP! Product Empties #1

I have been collecting empty boxes, jars, and bottles for months, because I’ve planned on posting my “product empties”. My mom was already eyeing on them and was itching to throw them away. So I just kept them all in a shoe box.


Actually not all. 😪 I got rid of some because I kept forgetting that I’d be posting my empties!

I have been meaning to post this, but see, it took me ages before I actually did! Thanks to Dee! I am finally doing it.

So yeah, I’m doing this in collaboration with Dee, and you can check out her blog here.

Dee and I collaborated last December 2017 on YouTube, and we both did a Holiday Glam makeup look.

This time we’re doing a collab on our respective blogs. I’m so excited to know what products she’s used up, and whether or not she’s going to get them again.

Mine consists of products that I used up from way, way back. Everything is listed in random order.

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