What’s Up? Wish App?! | Wish 107.5 is Now on Mobile!

Hey, Wishers! Your favorite radio station can now be with you wherever you go! Wish 107.5 is finally available on mobile! You can enjoy your favorite music anytime of the day.


I am more of a rock/alternative kind of person, but I still have my mellow moments, too. When I’m in that mood, I always tune in to Wish 107.5. The song selections really touch the heart, especially when they play my old school favorites from the 80’s and the 90’s.

And, c’mon, who hasn’t watched the YouTube videos of the super trending performances of some of the greatest singers on the Wish Bus? Continue reading “What’s Up? Wish App?! | Wish 107.5 is Now on Mobile!”

The Art of Being Part of Art | Adventures in Art in Island with Wish Card and 1K Solutions!

Art seems to have a huge part of my life. My Tatay may not have been an artist by profession, but at least, he was an artist at heart. He was the go-to for everyone who needed signages for their shops, decals for their jeepneys, or college projects that could be worth an uno. He was a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ as he could literally just do so many things with his hands. I sometimes imagine what it would be like had he known Guil.

Guil‘s a freelance artist and is 1/3 of The Mighty Bhutens – a group of Baguio-based artists who specialize in tile mosaic art. He paints, prints shirts, builds, creates, and so many others.

I may not be an artist myself… I may not know a lot of stuff about art, but it is something close to my heart.

So imagine my delight when Titus and I were inside Art in Island last Saturday, the 22nd! It was super fun and it made everyone – including me – release the “inner child”. Continue reading “The Art of Being Part of Art | Adventures in Art in Island with Wish Card and 1K Solutions!”