Tarot Services

The Tarot can help you reconnect with
your inner Self and navigate your way through life.

The Tarot is like our bluntest but most caring friend.

It shows us the truth about ourselves and our situations while leaving room for us to make our own decisions. It makes us look at things we may have been ignoring and it helps us navigate our way through life’s uncertainties.

The Tarot can give us a snapshot of our future, but the decision is always ours. Remember that nothing is set in stone.

Past-Present-Future Reading

Shed some light on energies that you may not be aware of or may not be paying attention to. Or find clarity regarding a specific situation. With energy exchange ranging from 4 USD to 10 USD, you can choose from 5-minute reading to 30-minute reading.


Dive deeper within to know what needs to be let go, discover more about yourself, know how to attract true love, get advice from the Tarot, and have an overview of what’s to come. The energy exchange is 30 USD.

Birthday / Year-Ahead Reading

Have an extensive overview of your upcoming year to gain insights, have a snapshot of what’s in store for you, and know how to best deal with the energies each month. The energy exchange is 40 USD.

“Thank you! I appreciate your words. Your reading was spot on! After your first reading, I told myself I would not allow myself to be affected by her. So I’ve been keeping my energy protected. So thank you! I hope that you will continue to do readings in the future.”

“I am very thankful for the information provided and it also resonated so well. Thank you so much also for the advice and kind words. I really appreciate your time. I will highly recommend you to my friends!


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